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Recommendations for assembling a Kit

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by WhiteTea, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. WhiteTea

    WhiteTea Guest

    I am putting together a 3 Stage FM Transmitter and am looking for some

    I use a 30W pencil soldering tool but I need something with a smaller
    (Solder on adjacent points ends up melting.)

    I am having to use a 8X or 20x jewelers loop to make sure my solder
    isn't shorting out. :)

  2. Guest

    Try this one from MPJA:

    It's $15 plus shipping and has a 1/32" tip.

  3. WhiteTea

    WhiteTea Guest

  4. Pete Wilcox

    Pete Wilcox Guest

    I've dealt with the odd fiddly job by wrapping a piece of ordinary 18swg
    tinned copper wire round the tip of my iron, leaving a little tab (1/4" or
    so) sticking out beyond the tip. The wire quickly reaches the same
    temperature as the iron, enabling soldering in confined spaces, etc.

  5. WhiteTea

    WhiteTea Guest

    Thanks. I will do that.

    I am unemployed and my home repair business is down lately.

  6. WhiteTea

    WhiteTea Guest

    Your idea worked great.

    For some reason(s) my transmitter just improves the reception of radio
    when I tune to an empty frequency. :)

    It's pert near impossible to find an empty frequency beween 95.0 and
    105.o Khz.

    I even replaced the one wire antenna with a dipole.

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