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Recommendation for Digital to Analog Converter

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Yimin Rong, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. Yimin Rong

    Yimin Rong Guest

    I've been searching without success for a couple of days for a DAC
    with these characteristics:

    * 5V operation
    * DIP - 20 pins or so
    * 8-bit resolution
    * Voltage output
    * Two reference voltages - output is linearly scaled such that [0,
    255] -> [VLo, VHi]
    * 1+ Msps

    Don't need dual or quad, and serial interface won't work because the
    microcontroller isn't fast enough to run that way.

    Can anyone make any recommendations? Or is there a website that helps
    you select ICs based on requirements?


  2. Digikey's part selection process might get you some of the way there.
  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    If you are using a micro, can't you program a couple of output
    lines for PWM to be ran through a unity gain for buffering ?
    That is what we do with AVR's and Pic's.
    In the case where you have a uC that does not have a direct
    hardware programmable event for PWM out put, you could set up an
    NMI sub, to generate the output for you. this also works very
    You could do this with one line output also at 50% duty cycle
    to generate a 0.00v offsets with a +/- source with respect to common.

    The resolution is as good as the timer you're using.
  4. Yimin Rong

    Yimin Rong Guest

    Thank you, I'm looking at the page now. Regards, Yimin
  5. Yimin Rong

    Yimin Rong Guest

    Thanks for the advice. The PWMs output at a few KHz whereas I need MHz
    fequency, so I don't think I can use them. Regards, Yimin
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