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recommendation for book on fixing telephones

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by badgerboy, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. badgerboy

    badgerboy Guest

    I've been looking around for a book on fixing telephones--not ancient
    models but not new cheap junk either. Haven't seen anything that
    looked good... Any recommendations?

    thanks, Guy
  2. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    That's an open-ended question...

    It depends on "which" telephones you are talking about and the country
    and era of manufacture - there are literally thousands of options. No
    one book could even hope to cover anything but a small fraction of the
    telephones which have appeared throughout the world over the past 100
    years and even then the task of detailing the circuitry which would be
    necessary for repairing them would be an impossible task.

    There are some good web sites on telephone equipment. One example
    which details telephones used in the UK is here

    Some of the telephone circuits are available for the instruments but
    you will have to sort through it yourself. If you want USA telephones
    then - good luck.
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