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Recommend a simple CAD ??

Discussion in 'CAD' started by paulo, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. paulo

    paulo Guest

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a fairly simple CAD program that I can us
    to draw basic circuits. I just want to be able to 'grab' variou
    components like resistors, capacitors, leds, relays etc and wire the

    Any help would be much appreciated as I have very little experience o

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  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest
  3. DJ Delorie

    DJ Delorie Guest

    The included library has a number of "standard" parts, or you can use
    vias to make new ones. Then you just draw lines where you want
  4. kovalcik

    kovalcik Guest

    You can download the PSpice student edition here:

    It limits the number of components for simulation. I think the
    schematics are limited to a single page. There are also libraries
    available for download. This is a windows only program.

    Another option is the gEDA project which is a complete set of open
    source tools that run on Linux:

    This may be a little more difficult to get going, but is a pretty good
    toolset. The libraries are growing.
  5. engcif

    engcif Guest


    I have once used Proteus (ARES) during my thesis studies. It is one of
    the easiest and efficient tool for drawing schematic and PCBs. If you
    can find one from somewhere use that.

  6. Frank Miles

    Frank Miles Guest

    There are many. For a list of some of them, check out:

  7. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

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