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rechargeable batteries

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by BeTu, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. BeTu

    BeTu Guest

    Is it possible to recharge N.American AA rechargeable batteries using a
    European recharger. I have both NiCD, and NiHM batteries, and planning a
    trip to Europe. A friend over there has a recharger, and suggests I use his
    while in Europe. However, Europe uses 220 V , while here in Canada we use
    120 V systems. Thanks !
  2. exxos

    exxos Guest

    If you have the correct charger for the batteries then it does not matter
    other than of course don't plug in a 120V charger into a 230V mains!

  3. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    Yes no problem. The cells are the same in the USA and Europe.

    Ask your friend if his charger supports both NiCAD and NiMH cells. Some
    chargers only support one or the other. Mine has a switch.

    If you have a mobile phone check to see if your charger works on 240V. Most
    chargers these days work on both 110 and 240V. If it does you may still need
    an adaptor because the plugs are different. Get one at the airport.
  4. BeTu

    BeTu Guest

    Thanks everybody for your reply !

  5. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    yes, the recharger converts the wall voltage (115 or 230) down to the approx
    1.2v that the cells want.

    If you take your American charger what will you connect it to?
    If his charger is designed for both NiMh and NiCd cells you'll have no

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