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Rear Projection TV convergence

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Kelly Ray, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Kelly Ray

    Kelly Ray Guest

    hi guys, i'm sure this has been covered somewhere before but i have a couple
    of big screen 50" Mitsub. TVs with bad colors and convergence installed in
    some arcade games! i know how to adj a normal CRT tube convergence with
    rings but no idea on projection. i heard this is a bitch to do, is it?
    is there a capkit/repair that you can do with these? is there a website to
    follow directions on this procedure?

    thanks and sorry for the ignorance,
  2. That depends... It is normal for a rear projection TV or monitor to
    slowly drift slightly out of convergence as the CRTs age. If any sudden
    drastic change has happened the there has been a component failure on
    the convergence board. Usually it's the large ICs and maybe some caps
    and low wattage resistors as well.
    If the TV has just slightly drifted, there should be a large amount of
    controls on the convergence board which can be adjusted, or it may be
    done through the menu, depending on the model.
    If it's done by controls, most manufacturers attach a long extension
    cable to the convergence control board so you can stand far back from
    the screen while adjusting all the controls.
  3. Guest

    Hi Kelly,

    Some of the older units have a slide out convergence PCB with a load of
    pots. These are a real PIA but after a bit of practice you can get good
    results. The more modern units use a remote control (usually lost by
    the arcade center) that you use to converge. What ever you do never
    reset the storage data (some have no warning) as it will take ages to
    re-align the screen all square again.

    What chassis and games do you have? I have access to most Mitsubishi
    and Toshiba service info.

  4. Kelly Ray

    Kelly Ray Guest

    thanks Wes, i will look up model #'s tonight! i have 3 games with 50
    inchers in them.....Virtua Cop, Alpine Racer, and a Time Crisis.

    i don't remember seeing any satelite/remote board hanging around but will
    check again. all these came out in mid 90's(94-96 i believe)!

    thanks for the posts,

  5. If it's pots it takes practice...with the remote, once you get the
    idea what is being asked of you, it can be a fairly smooth ride. JVC
    even offered customer convergence adjustments in their sets a few
    years back. Good luck.

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