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Rear Projection TV audio project

Discussion in 'Audio' started by dorado29, May 12, 2011.

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  1. dorado29


    May 12, 2011
    Hey guys, I started a project a couple days ago when my parents said they were tossing their old RPTV. I'm moving into an apartment soon (yay college) and have a need for furniture/tables/ etc. The TV runs well, the colors are just skewed.. Something to do with bulbs or filters or something. We didn't look into it much because it's 8+ years old and it's about time for a new TV.

    The project: I removed the rectangular box that sits on top of the unit and holds the mirror and screen. From the back, it looks like this:


    I plan on using the large mirror that was inside and building a frame for it that sits on top of the unit. I want to make a TV stand (for my flatscreen.. lol at how far TV's have progressed). However, I still want to use the audio from the RPTV. The final product is basically going to be a tall, music playing coffee table with a mirror (or clear glass, haven't decided) for a table top surface.

    The problem: I gutted everything inside that I was sure was related to the lighting/image creation. The three bulb assemblies, sensors that are used to automatically focus the image, etc. I'm pretty sure I tripped some internal safety because the speakers won't play anything after I tried all the inputs. When I turn the TV on, the speakers make a little popping sound like they have for the past 8 years so they must still be receiving power.. My guess is that the TV detects that a bunch of stuff is now unplugged so it goes into a sort of safe-mode where it won't play anything

    Do you guys have any ideas on what I should try, or maybe this is a lost cause? I put together a photobucket gallery with descriptions which will probably help out
  2. dorado29


    May 12, 2011
    If finding the source of the problem is insanely hard, then perhaps there's something I can make using an old computer power supply unit and parts from the TV/parts that I buy to power a set of speakers that I have lying around..
  3. davenn

    davenn Moderator

    Sep 5, 2009
    without circuit info for the unit it would be near impossible to give any decent suggestions on it.
    Probably a lot easier to pick up a stereo amplifier that you can use as a dedicated sound system :)

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