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really inexpensive dialup service

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Does anyone know of a really cheap dialup provider? Thanks, Lenny.
  2. Where? Some cities have a free service.

    Free Internet Access Providers: Now you can get online for the cost of a
    local call, or less! Many providers also offer web space, free email and
    other goodies...

  3. AZ Nomad

    AZ Nomad Guest

    Keep in mind that with netzero, they will autobill your credit card
    forever and getting them to quit is nearly impossible. The only way
    is typically to report your credit card lost. NetZero has no customer
    service whatsoever and will charge by the hour for leaving you on hold
    waiting for a overseas script reader.

  4. Thats weird.. I didn't have to use a credit card to sign up for netzero free

    - Mike
  5. R!

    R! Guest

    Is FREE cheep enough ?



    Have a nice day!!
  6. Guest

    Yes it is free but the there is no longer a toll free number to dial
    in on apparently. Lenny
  7. Guest

    Here is a site that lists them all- Before
    we went to cable, we used and were really happy with
    it. If we ever decided to go with dial up again, I would go back to
    them. Or type in free or cheap isp in Google and you'll come up with
    lots of choices.
  8. R!

    R! Guest

    Looks like their 877 number has died...

    Sorry 'bout that

  9. Radiosrfun

    Radiosrfun Guest

    There is a company of which the name eludes me right now - that offers like
    $4.95 a month - albeit the hours you can use it may be limited. They have
    other plans available. Do a google search for ISPs. It should produce some

    The one I have is $9.95 a month. Not bad but - slow for pictures and large
    files, but then I don't do many of those anyway. But I have unlimited access
    for that price. I am saving $120 a year over a similar service with the same
    speed and issues - which I was using before.
  10. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    You may want to check out allvantage below. $5.95/mo no frills
    service with a very large number of local dialin access points.
  11. Not gonna happen unless you have a lot of phone lines. Its 10 hours per
    phone number, not account.
  12. John

    John Guest

    AT&T's basic DSL is $24.95 month, making it only $5 month more than
    your former dialup service.

    retired, but still working from home when the price is right ;-)
  13. Radiosrfun

    Radiosrfun Guest

    The phone company hasn't seen fit to give us DSL here - yet. Cable is here
    but a bunch more expensive.
  14. I did a Google search on "cheap dialup service" and got lots of composite
    sites. Peruse the list and choose one. I was on AllVantage for quite some
    time and felt they did a good job.

  15. Radiosrfun

    Radiosrfun Guest

    I can't complain about mine - really. It does as good a job as the one I was
    paying $10 more for per month prior to it. The only thing is, as I already
    pointed out - "large" files and "pictures" are slow - but otherwise I'm
    happy. But - I don't do many "large" files or pictures - anyway.

    There are a few out there who as I said - charge like $4.95 a month, but you
    get only like 15 hours. I'm on a lot - daily with business and so on.
    Unlimited access for $9.95 a month, I'm not going to complain. Down time has
    been mimimal. My last provider also "was" carrying the News groups - but
    stopped - claiming it was costing him $2000 a month to do so. I find that a
    bit hard to believe, but whatever. Needless to say - out he went as a
  16. Brian O

    Brian O Guest

    If its available in your area. Its not yet everywhere. They are too cheap to
    build the sub c o to do it here.

  17. There have to be enough potential customers to pay for the new

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
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