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Really easy question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by perez, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. perez

    perez Guest

    Sorry for the really easy question but I am clueless when it come to
    this stuff.

    I am in the UK and I have an American made Kawaii keyboard that has
    been working fine for years. Recently, the power adaptor gave up. It
    was American and was attatched to a rubbish adaptor for British
    sockets (which I think was a shaver adaptor!).

    I bought a new AC adaptor (with variable voltage switch) and that was
    fine until recently when it gave up too. I had it set at 12v which was

    I know there is a compatibility problem with UK current (or whatever,
    I really don't know) and US appliances, but is it now a problem with
    the keyboard or is there a simple adaptor I can get that will work

  2. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Find a switching supply that has the same polarity at 12V as the original
    power supply and an equal or greater current capacity. The idea here is
    that most modern switching supplies are smaller and lighter than an
    iron core transformer and they are universal input which allows for
    either American or British power standards. Some, like Viewsonic
    uses with their LCD monitors, have both standard power cords. Others
    will require an external socket adapter.
  3. Kitchen Man

    Kitchen Man Guest

    Is it possible that this second adapter did not have a large enough
    I extract the key clause:
    This will get you around your "rubbish" adapter. There are two big
    differences between European and American house current. The first
    problem is the voltage - ~220 vs. ~115. The second (and most critical),
    problem is the frequency - 50 vs. 60. A switching power supply
    eliminates both problems. They're readily availible, I did a Google on
    the text:

    switching power supply universal input

    And got a page full of on-line vendors.
  4. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

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