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Real-time Frame Rate Shifting Software

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Koroush, Sep 4, 2003.

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  1. Koroush

    Koroush Guest

    Hi All,

    I would like some information on a software or hardware that will
    perform real-time frame rate transformation on a video stream.

    I have a NTSC video, which I captured into a file. I now like to play
    back this video with various frames rates by hitting a key, or turning
    my video editing knob in real-time. The original video can be
    captured at 30fps. I like the output to change real time between the
    following frames per second: 30 (1:1), 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 2, 1, 0.5,
    0.1, 0.05 (1 frame every 20 seconds)

    I would like to know if the is a simple piece of software that I can
    buy to do this on a PC preferably using .avi files. Otherwise a Mac
    or any other software is okay. If you are willing to write me such a
    software that is great, please contact me.

  2. A E

    A E Guest
  3. MD Vid

    MD Vid Guest

    Koroush: Just about any good video editing program available today can
    alter the frame rate on playback, encoding. Check out the downloadable
    demos at, and Adobe
    premire does the same, but as of yet, no downloadable demo. FCP on the MAC

  4. Dan Maas

    Dan Maas Guest

    I have a NTSC video, which I captured into a file. I now like to play
    You should be able to do this with any DV-capable editing software.
    Just set up a timeline with duplicate clips of the video, one at each
    speed, and then scrub the appropriate clip in real-time. Most software
    will duplicate frames rather than interpolate pixels for slow-motion,
    but it sounds like that is what you want anyway.

  5. Koroush

    Koroush Guest

    Thanks for your replies guys,

    I downloaded Sonic Vegas 4.0 and tried to see if it would do what I
    wanted, but I wasn't successful. First of all It plays back
    everything at preconfigured framerates as per NTSC or Film, etc. So I
    wasn't able to dynamically change the frame rate as the video is
    playing back. I tried to play with the rate control, but that just
    slows down or speeds up the film and stretches the time as well. I
    don't want the time stretched, I just want frames skipped.

    Dan suggested that I replicate the movie and change the playback rate
    and switch between the versions at different frame rates. I haven't
    been able to set this up. How can this be done, or is there a simpler

    thanks very much again for taking the time to better explain your

  6. Guess Who

    Guess Who Guest

    I think Pinnacle Studio 8 can do this. There is a feature, which is found
    in the time settings for a clip, it's called strobe, and you can specify how
    frames are displayed without changing the actual time length of the video.
  7. Thomas Orger

    Thomas Orger Guest

    It sounds like you want to take 30fps NTSC and make it look like its only
    25.. 15 .. 10 fps etc etc..
    If so, the "Posterize Time" filter in adobe premiere does exactly that, you
    just apply it to a clip, tell it what frame rate you want to use and it
    should play it back as if it was at the frame rate you specified. I dont
    know about other editing software but I'd assume some will have a similar
    feature too.

  8. JoJo

    JoJo Guest

    Studio8 has the simple to use stroboscope.
    It can be found with the slowmotion.
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