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Re: Testing Low Oil Sensor on Honda GX Engine

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by scott, May 13, 2005.

  1. scott

    scott Guest

    The small metal box is a signal conditioner for the shutoff sensor in the
    crankcase, it is probably just a scr that once is triggered, latches to
    make sure that the engine dies and also lowers the load on the reed switch
    in the sensor so it won't be damaged when vibration causes the switch to
    repeatedly open and close, damaging it and causing loss of protection. I
    work in a mower shop, we used to see reel type mowers that the customer
    told us would cut out at each turn for weeks as the switch was repeatedly
    triggered by slosh .Later on, this was the engine that died from lack of
    oil when the sensor failed.
    To test the ignition separately from the sensor and all other parts, just
    disconnect the small gauge wire from the coil that hooks to the stop switch
    and the sensor. It is very simple, they just ground the ignition primary
    (small) wire to kill the engine.
    You are probably just seeing normal operation when oil gets low. When
    the engine starts, oil is sprayed by the oil slinger all through the
    engine, and what is om the crankcase walls lowers the level a small amount,
    shutting off the engine. Engine dies, oil runs back to bottom. switch
    opens, and it will restart.
    Full oil level is top of the threads, about to run out. I havbe seen
    engines that will die at three threads below full (threads inside the oil
    fill hole).
    Proper spark should be white or blue when viewed indoors as in a garage
    out of direct sun, and should jump at least a 3/8" gap- take a old plug, cu
    off the ground electrode and you have a tester, the spark should jump from
    the center electrode to the outside and you should be even able to hear a
    good strong spark. Weak, erratic and yellow colored spark indicates a
    Good luck
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