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Re: Liability & responsibility of electrician?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by William Sommerwerck, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. On Sat, 01 Aug 2009 22:10:56 -0700, Mr.Eko
    <> had his usual case of keyboard diarrhea
    and scratched some drivel:

    OK tubby. Enlighten me. Since you think that you are the only one
    with sufficient mental capacity to do it, tell the rest of us how one
    could tell that you are, or are not black.

    While you're enlightening others here on Usenet, also explain your
    earlier statement that you are celibate. And don't come back with
    that pansy "cite" request. You know you said it - now defend it.
  2. What? Did all the pussy pigs in the country get a law passed that
    allows you retarded bastards to lynch folks now?

    I'd say that most of you deserve that fate more than those you took an
    oath to protect. In fact, your denial of your oath is the main reason
    you deserve such a fate.
  3. Christ, You are so retarded that you do not even know about IMDB!

    How did you ever make it through life without eating a couple pot shots
    along the way?
  4. Sorry, dumbfuck, but an asswipe that claims to have been in law
    enforcement that cannot even write worth a **** is a typical attribute
    that blatantly exposes the stupidity that our governing bodies have when
    they employ LEOs. Hiring total retards has led to the entire bunch of
    you dippy asswipes being total retards. Just what the American people

    The Nazi profiling crap is proof alone.

    I never made any statement as to the number of states in the country,
    much less any declaration that the number was ever only 11. You latching
    onto such a retarded premise is yet more proof that you are truly
    pathetic as a human.

    I am quite sure that you were just as abusive when you were all piggy
    all the time.
    I hope that your floor rolling retardation gets you a skin disease, or
    at least a nice myocardial infarction.
  5. You really do have a total retard problem with apostrophes, don't you,

    That is so funny. You typify the level of stupidity this country has
    sank to. No surprise that you was a pig.

  6. It was NOT a typo, you retarded twit. A typo is where you mistype
    based on key proximities on a keyboard.

    No, IDIOT. You mispelled it because you are too goddamned retarded to
    know how to spell past that of a kindergarten level. Half the words you
    "spell" you do with some retarded phonetic method that retards like you
    who have never learned much do.

    That is NOT a typo, you retarded twit. That is YOU and YOUR stupidity.
    A typo is a mistake. Just like the one your mother made when she failed
    to flush you.

    What you did was not a mistake, it was total retardation on your part.
    Learn to call a spade a spade, boy.

    What it really does, is expose your level of intelligence for what it
    really is... or, as is in this case, your lack of an intelligence
    level above that of a 5 year old.
  7. Jiggeratta would spit out a filthy fucktard like you. That makes you a
    true waste of skin.

    I do not expect you to know or understand where the reference is from.
  8. Yes, and they also know how to read better than a punk **** jock
    pigtard like you. So, they would also know that no such statement was
    ever made. I would not expect an illiterate unamerican twit like you to
    get it though.
  9. I never once used any such term, you retarded ****. YOU are the one
    pissing and moaning, using the term "Leftwing" and such, no one else, you
    blind with stupidity twit! You are the only one that ever said a
    goddamned thing about anything left or right. You are an even bigger
    fucking idiot than I originally estimated. Now, it is no longer an
    estimation. Confirmed! You're an idiot.

  10. C'mon Archie. Calm down. These violent outbursts are unhealthy. Of
    course, we're all awaiting your reveal re: how one can tell one's
    ethnicity on Usenet; more specifically, how one can determine that you
    are (or are not) black. You are the one who said it can be done.
    Tell us how.

    Naturally, you should also explain your claim of celibacy without your
    usual reference to a "cite" demand.

    You seem to be an annoying asswipe to just about everyone you come
    into contact with on Usenet. No matter what you do, you cannot hide
    your true, miserable personality. I'll wager that you've even been
    rejected by your own right hand. Jeez ... it must really suck to be
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