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Re: Liability & responsibility of electrician?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by William Sommerwerck, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. No, they do not.
    Which does not.
    No, they do not. In the very citation you quoted it states that it is
    not a felony.

    Grow up, fuckhead.
  2. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    I posted the law showing that it *is*. Not my fault that you're too stupid to
    understand it.
    Yes, it does. Not my fault that you're too stupid to understand it.
    This is the last time I'm going to explain it: simple possession in Indiana is
    a felony if the amount is over 30g, or if it's a second offense. The text of
    the law itself, and the URL at which you can read it for yourself have already
    been posted. Not my fault that you're too stupid to understand it.

  3. In either case, it is no longer simple possession, idiot.
  4. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    Of course it is, you fool. Read the law! It says "possession". Possession with
    intent to sell is an entirely separate offense.

    In any event... I'm done. It's pointless to continue trying to explain this to
    you, since you are clearly far too stupid to comprehend the explanation.

  5. Ungrounded Delta configuration, you total fucking retard. Yes, it was
    208 volt per phase.
  6. They might well be supplying 208V Ungrounded Delta if the original
    tenants in that industrial park had hundreds of old machines built to
    run on it. Like an army of old Swiss Screw machines cranking out
    aerospace fasteners for the Space Race.

    If they ask for it, and pay a bit extra for the special
    transformers, the utility can provide practically anything you want -
    but that's certainly NOT the norm nowadays.

    When you hear hoofbeats, you expect Horses - that's a Zebra.

    Most industrial gear that takes multiple voltages and is rated for
    operation on either 208 or 240V does a lot better at 240V.

    You don't see much at all that insists on taking 208V Only. And a
    Buck-Boost or three for the individual machine is a lot cheaper than
    getting an oddball feeder voltage from the utility.

    --<< Bruce >>--
  7. Wrong. WE had it installed.

    We build power supplies, and we build them to spec (built).

    So a customer wanted that input, so we put that in our Lab.

    Not only could we work with that voltage, but we could also built and
    test units that required more than standard service provisos.

    Also, I do not believe that it is "Oddball" in El Cajon, CA.
  8. You're an idiot.

  9. You're a goddamned idiot.

    In the seventies it was decriminalized, as in NOT a felony. So it
    pontificates your fucking error, despite you being too goddamned retarded
    to see it for the PIG blinders you have been wearing all your life.
  10. No, dumbfuck. What will more likely happen is that it will be removed
    from schedule one, making the laws of every state null and void.

    You must know what null and void means, considering that your pathetic
    life has had a null and void effect on the rest of the world. Although
    all the folks lives you fucked up over the years with your pig abuse
    likely had a negative effect.

    And he is not a left wing extremist (left wing is not one word, you
    retarded twit), he is a Chicago Total Retard. You are just a nameless
    total retard.
  11. "blowing dope"? You should at least attempt to use actual language,

    And your capacity to judge appearances hovers at nil.

    I work in national security, you?

    Oh that's right... your 'brain centers' are all muddled by alcohol,
    and a retarded PIG bastard senility.

    You were "not for the best" the day you got started, punky piggy.
  12. Yes, and a proud, productive one at that. Whereas you have
    accomplished exactly nothing that makes the world a better place in your
    pathetic punky piggy life.
    Pigs are all fucked in the head because they think that all other that
    are not pigs are 'worthless'.

    We all know who really is worthless, "Gunner" Bwuaahahahahahahaha!
    You are pathetic.
    I'll bet that my SAT score is higher than yours.
    Nope. I work for the big boys.
    You again show how truly pathetic the punky piggy mindset really is. Is
    that a profiling technique that your fucked in the head California Police
    Academy trained you to do, boy?
    Except that you are wholly wrong. I have done more in the last year to
    make the world a better, safer place than you will in your entire,
    pathetic, punky piggy life. Laugh all you want at that fact. Oh that's
    right... you retarded fucks run from facts because they contradict your

  13. You're a goddamned retard and so is he. No shrug required for that tid
    bit to be obvious.
  14. You never cease to prove to all readers that a PIG is a PIG is a PIG!

    Do you always have such retarded views about those around you. boy?

    You belong at the bottom of a "shithole".

    You are about as unamerican as it gets.
  15. You are an idiot. And a pussy as well.

    I hope you enjoy your unamerican retarded pig senility. That is all
    you have coming. I hope your years are over soon.

    I curse you. Now, your shit is weak. You are among a very small list,
    none of which still remain. Expect that chest ripping heart attack to
    grip that little pathetic life you have soon.

    Ever see the movie "Thinner"?

  16. Temper, temper Archie. Remember, uncontrolled hypertension is very,
    very dangerous, especially to blacks.
  17. Mr.Eko

    Mr.Eko Guest

    Your problem, Cranium, is that not only are you so retarded that you
    stalk people in Usenet, you are so retarded that your assessments are
    always ass backwards as well.

    I do not have any problem with my temper (you do and your posts prove
    it). Still stalking, after all these tears, I see. You're still crazy
    as well, Cranium. The therapy failed. Your only solution is to eat ten
    of the Thorazine tablets at one time. Bwuahahahaha!

    I am not experiencing any hypertension, uncontrolled or otherwise. You
    seem to be a bit antsy since I told you that your mother should be
    imprisoned, however.

    I am not 'black', not that a total retard like you could have enough
    brain capacity to tell anyway.

    Now **** off and die, you pathetic little circus flea.
  18. Said the total retard that doesn't even know how to properly place an

    Bunk! Bwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  19. You're an idiot, and you are the only one here that wanders from
  20. The word is legend, you total retard.

    Thanks for reinforcing folks' knowledge about how dirt dumb cops are.
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