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RE Bigpond news server

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by F Murtz, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    I have just recieved an email from bigpond giving detailed instructions
    on how to connect to bigpond ng so it appears that the stories on its
    demise are exagerated. I would post the email but it has an instruction
    not to repost.
    I still can not recieve it but that is probably a problem between
    seamonkey, my modem and bigpond server,I think it needs my password but
    I can not figure a way to make it ask for it.
  2. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    If you can't ping the server then it doesn't actually exist ?


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  3. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    It was a detailed email in response to my email to tech dept about
    problems with access to NG.
    The answer suggests it still exists.
  4. Or, that their tech support are unaware it has been removed. Not
  5. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    I've had a bigpond account for a couple of years now and until very
    recently their new server was working fine. It's not now, and hasn't
    been for about a week, so if it's working okay they've either changed
    the settings that I've been using for the last couple of years or it's
    simply not working.

    Knowing Telstra as the thoroughly incompetent organisation that I do, my
    money's firmly on the latter.
  6. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    I'd be more than a little surprised if the "tech" actually knew what you
    were talking about.
  7. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    a trace to
    fails to respond or return a ping from here


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  8. pinged from here and got

    ping statistics for
    packets: sent = 4, received = 0, lost = 4 (100% loss)
  9. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    but does it trace or work ?
    of course not as you are getting an mx response as the machine still
    Now does it work for anyone ?


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  10. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    The source of the problem seems to be, no one can access bigpond news
    server any more,If I ping from here it times out.
    Others say the same thing
    Users everywhere are saying that telstra is stopping the service.
    I have been trying for weeks and left an email to bigpond on the subject
    and they sent me a detailed email on how to access it.

    This sugests to me that the bigpond team seems to think that it is still

    Here is the email

    Thank you for your email dated 17/04/2013 regarding not being to access
    BigPond Newsgroup.

    Firstly, I realise that there has been a delay in responding to your
    enquiry and I would like to extend my apologies.

    To isolate the cause of the issue please consider the following process.

    1. Check connectivity to the Internet. Double-Click on Internet Explorer
    and attempt to display webpages.

    - If webpages open very slowly or not at all, it is not just a
    Newsgroup fault, but the whole connection.
    - If webpages open at normal speed, continue below.

    2. Check server settings. Ensure that you are using the correct BigPond
    News server settings in their News profile:

    - For Broadband, server host name can be "" or
    - For Dial-Up, server host name is ""

    To check News Server Settings for Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Live Mail:

    - Open the News profile.

    - For Outlook Express:

    - Double Click Outlook Express Icon to open mail/news program.
    - Click the Tools menu and select Accounts from menu.
    - Click the News tab to see available news profiles.
    - Click the BigPond news profile and select Properties to check news

    - For Windows Mail (Windows Vista):

    - Open Windows Mail from the Start menu.
    - Click the Tools menu bar and select Accounts from menu.
    - A list of available profiles will appear.
    - Click the BigPond news profile and select Properties to check news

    - For Windows Live Mail:

    - Open Windows Live Mail from the Start menu.
    - Select Newsgroups from the Navigation pane.
    - Right click on the News profile (likely to be labelled as and select Properties.

    The News properties area contains four tabs in both Outlook Express and
    Windows Mail:

    - General.
    - Server.
    - Connection.
    - Advanced.

    - General tab: The general tab contains personal information, including
    name, organisation, email address and reply to address fields:

    - News Account :
    - Name: contains the name you wish to appear on posts to newsgroups.
    - Organisation: optional.
    - Email Address: your email address*.
    - Reply Address: optional.
    - Include this account: unchecked.

    *Note: When anyone posts a message to a newsgroup, they are revealing
    their email address to a public forum. Spammers have developed automated
    scripts (bots) to search these public forums and collect email addresses
    from postings to compile spam lists. It is advisable that users modify
    their email address in News group settings e.g. .

    - Server tab: The server tab, as the name suggests, contains the news
    server name plus an option to configure login details for access to the
    news server if necessary.

    - Server name:
    - This server requires me to logon: Leave unchecked. The BigPond news
    server does not require a username and password to access it.

    - Connection tab: Allows you to select the preference for the type of
    connection to be used when sending or receiving news group postings.

    - Always connect to this account using: Unticked for all broadband
    connections or dialup connections where the user will always connect
    first before checking newsgroups
    - The box should be set to a BigPond dialup connection if the user is
    using Dialup and requires an automatic connection when Outlook
    Express/Windows Mail is launched. If the box is blank, you will need to
    click the box to reveal any available connections and set to a BigPond
    Dialup connection.

    - Advanced tab: The advanced tab shows the news server port number and
    some format settings for posting messages. The default settings should
    not need to be changed.

    - Server port number: 119 (do not change this number).
    - This server requires a secure connection: unchecked.
    - Server timeouts: can be extended for dial up users to allow more
    time to connect to the news server.
    - Break apart messages larger than: unchecked.
    - Ignore news sending format and post using: unchecked.

    If the settings are correct but the same issue is occurring, remove and
    re-create the BigPond news profile.

    To Create/ Re-create a News Profile in Outlook Express:

    - Launch Outlook Express.
    - Click on the Tools menu, then on Accounts
    - Click on the News tab at the top of the window
    - If there are any existing BigPond entries:
    - Click on the Account to highlight it.
    - Click on Remove.
    - Click Yes when asked to confirm.
    Note: If another service provider account is listed do not remove it.
    - Click the Add button.
    - Select News.
    - Type the name that will appear when posting to a newsgroup.
    - Select Next.
    - Enter Email Address (ie or
    - Select Next.
    - Type the server name:
    Note: Ensure My news server requires me to log on is not ticked.
    - Click Next.
    - Click Finish.
    - Click Close to return to the Outlook Express main screen.
    - You will then be prompted to download a list of available
    newsgroups. this may take several minutes on a slow connection.

    To Create/ Re-create a News Profile in Windows Mail:

    - Open Windows Mail if it is not already open.
    - Click Tools and then Accounts.
    - Click Add.
    - Select Newsgroup Account. Click Next.
    - Type the name that will appear when posting to a newsgroup and click
    - Enter Email Address (ie or
    )and click Next.
    - Type the server name:
    Note: Ensure My news server requires me to log on is .not ticked.
    - Click Next.
    - Click Finish.
    - Click Close to return to the Windows Mail main screen.
    - You will then be prompted to download a list of available newsgroups.
    this may take several minutes on a slow connection.

    The Newsgroups can now be accessed by clicking on the
    entry that will appear in the folders column on the left.

    If the newsgroup/s you wish to see is/are not available, please reply to
    this email with the name/s of the Newsgroup/s to be added to the list
    available on the BigPond news server(

    4. Check for Firewalls and Antivirus software. Disable it for testing
    purposes please ensure you re-enable the software afterwards. If re
    enabling the security software stops the connection from working again,
    please contact BigPond Premium Support at 1300 087 587 or your
    firewall/security software vendor.

    Check Newsgroups once more. If the same issue is occurring please
    provide the following details for further investigation:

    - Error message.
    - Name/s of the Newsgroup/s to be added to the list available on the
    BigPond news server (
    - Preferred contact number.
    - Please indicate the date and time when you cannot access it.

    If you have any other questions, please visit our Help Centre at

    The Help Centre is a handy resource for our members which includes
    things such as our Frequently Asked Questions and our new Email
    Troubleshooter which has been set up to help you solve all your email

    Thank you for choosing BigPond.

    Kind regards,
  11. Trevor

    Trevor Guest

    Exactly. They retrenched all the staff who actually had a clue, now they are
    nearly as bad as Optus and Vodaphone! :-(

  12. Jason James

    Jason James Guest

    I know a lot of people don't like web-based interfaces, but Google-
    groups is handy as a back-up while you sort your ISP probs.

    The reality is, if you run Google-chrome web-browser as well, the
    Google groups is quite good.

    Years ago I had probs with Bigpond and its NG application. The tech
    didn't know what they were, after consulting with his supervisor
    was able to help me.

    Just a further note on Google-chrome browser, shits on the Windows
    IE from a big height,..try it :)

  13. Trevor

    Trevor Guest

    True, Telstra still have the best coverage, at a price. Unfortunately their
    service no longer matches the premium price.

  14. Trevor

    Trevor Guest

    So does Firefox or Opera, without Google tracking.

  15. Jason James

    Jason James Guest

    By tracking you mean cookies?

    That is my thought on it.
  17. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    I've had accounts with all three, and in my experience Telstra is
    *easily* the absolute worst in terms of staff knowledge and customer
    service, and by a very long way. Their only saving grace is that they
    have the best network coverage, which forces you between a rock and a
    hard place.

    If ever there was a country that needed a *massive* telecommunications
    overhaul it's this one.
  18. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    Was there a time when it did?
  19. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    How would anyone *outside* Telstra know that, when Telstra *themselves*
    can't give you an answer about it?
    Given my experience with Tesltra over the last couple of years, I would
    imagine that if their news server *was* getting the chop the "bigpond
    team" would probably be the last to know :)

    Honestly I don't know why you're getting so hung up about this as their
    server was pretty unreliable even when it *was* working. Just subscribe
    to Eternal-September or any of the other reliable news feeds and spend
    less of your life worrying.
  20. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    Chrome is okay, but like anything it has it's strengths and weaknesses.
    I prefer Firefox myself but the current version of Explorer is quite
    good and I'm still forced to use it on occasion to do some things that
    Firefox doesn't seem capable of doing.
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