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Re: Autohelm/Raymarine ST7000 autopilot problem - randomly goes hard port and locks the wheel

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Steve Lusardi, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. It may not be the autopilot. I assume, because you declared no other reference, that reference is your fluxgate compass. You must
    first determine if the problem is coming from the autopilot or the compass. The easiest way is to swap out the compass and see if
    the problem returns. However, you should review the compass's location on the boat and make certain it isn't close to other
    magnetic fields. Also it would be helpful, when this next occurs, to reverse your track and sail the identical path again to see
    if you can reproduce the problem relative to the boats position and track. This problem is not uncommon and provides incentive to
    use a Satellite Compass.
  2. Before going much farther, IF the unit does this in Standby, then I
    would start looking for a intermittent SHORT in the Autopilot to
    Steering Solenoid wiring. Sounds very much like a Sticky Jog Switch that
    is wired in parallel with the AutoPilot Output Switching.

    Just say'en... From a 45 Year Marine Electronics Tech...
  3. errolofdanvers


    Feb 6, 2011
    MY ST4000 does the same thing . worked ok Salem harbor mass to Boothebay maine
    then started to go off hard to port never to starboard .
    Unit is circa 1986 and raytheon/Raymarine in Merrimac NH will not look at it due to age.
    I have schematics I will test off the boat to see if anything shows up.

    I am thinking one of the output transistors is intermittently bad and shorts out or possibly a moisture problem I will check gasket again but it seems to be OK Come to think of it

    we had heavy rain and fog the previous day

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