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RCA TV Guide+ in Demo mode

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by SteveP, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. SteveP

    SteveP Guest

    Any one heard of a problem with an RCA TV with the Guide Plus system going
    into continuous demo mode and can not find a way to take it out. When the
    TV is first powered on it comes up with a screen talking about a demo plug
    to remove by the consumer. I can't find where a plug used to be, the TV is
    4 years old and never had this problem. If you try to go into the Guide+
    setup it goes straight to the demo again and won't let you go to the setup

    So now I get a green box ad floating on the screen all the time to "Try the
    new Guide+ Demo"

    Any suggestions?

  2. techdrive

    techdrive Guest

    If you can give me the model number and chassis number that will help.
    These can be found on back of the set. The chassis number will start with
    "CTC". -Mike
  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Gemstar Assembly
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