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RCA service menu.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dani, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. Dani

    Dani Guest

    Rear projection T.V., Model # P46721BA chassis # CTC 169PK How do you
    get into the convergence service menu, & also, how do you adjust the
    horizontal width, & centering?
    Can't find anything online, or on RCA site. Thanks, Dani.
  2. Guest

    You don't get into the service menu.

    Width and centering are analog controls inside the rear of the set.
    Make certain that any faults are repaired first and check all
    voltages. It is common for the convergence and width to go bad when
    the power regulator starts to have problems from either the 15V diode
    or many different capacitors in the smps.

    It is an analog convergence panel which requires a pattern generator
    and every control interacts with other controls. All the convergence
    power supply voltages and waveforms must be checked if it has changed
    over time before starting to move any controls.

    It only takes 3-4 hours on average to totally re-work the registration
    and convergence after someone who had no clue what they were doing
    messed with all the controls while there was a fault present.
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