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RCA Rear Projection TV Problem - Model Number P52955

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Karl Haldeman, Jul 21, 2003.

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  1. HI all,

    The patient is an RCA Model #P52955, SN #103452031, Chassis
    #PTK195W1B, Manuf. JAN 2001.

    History: TV has been working fine and just went out of warranty three
    months ago. When the display problem appeared I disconnected the
    cable input to verify it was the TV's problem.

    Every screen from the UNUSABLE SIGNAL (no input) to all menu screens
    have the same display problems. The display appears but has a bowtie
    (hourglass?) shape where it is taller at the left/right ends and
    narrower in the middle. There are three distinct images, all
    identical but in different colors and offset (shifted? Ghosted?) from
    each other. The image colors are red, green & blue.

    My dilema is one repair shop said they have to bring it into the shop
    to fix (this is a big TV) and will charge pickup/delivery fees; there
    is no other way, the work can only be done at the repair shop.
    Another shop I contacted says it will "take the guts out of the TV"
    and take those to the shop. The quoted price ranges are as far apart
    as the work description. I feel like I'm comparing apples and

    I'm hoping someone can answer these questions for me.

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong with the TV? (so I can judge what I'm
    being told)

    Can this be fixed by in home service visit or must it go to a repair

    Is there any possibility of fixing this myself? (I'm a DIY audio buff
    and have VOM, oscilliscope, and soldering iron).

    Thanks, -Karl Haldeman
  2. JURB6006

    JURB6006 Guest

    It's cheaper and easier to pull the "box", but since you have a
    convergence/geometry problem it is not really feasible. They will need the
    cabinet to set it up after the repair. One exception is if it is only the
    convergence power supply and not a failure on the convergence board.

    If the convergence board needs an EPROM an in-home or box only repair is out of
    the question, they will need a "chipper check" interface and a computer with
    the proper software installed to complete the job. Even if you need a
    convergence board, and even if they take your old EPROM with the set values and
    put it in the new board some touchup will be required. This requires the "guts"
    to be mounted in the cabinet.

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