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RCA Projection TV Model # P52939 Repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Construction PM, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I own a standard RCA projection TV model P52939, about 3 years old.
    Recentley the screen would go black and then return to a normal picture
    after about 5-10 seconds. As this happened, there was a clicking noise
    inside the TV, as well as a hi pitched whining noise (same noise made
    during initial power up of the TV).

    After about 2 weeks, the colors on the screen seperated. I re-adjusted
    them as best I could and the picture is now passable, but very warped
    and still seperated at the edges.

    I have done some research online and seem to believe it is the
    convergence board based on what I have read. I am skilled enough with
    electronics repair to attempt it, but want to be sure it is in fact the
    convergence board before I go ahead and order the parts to fix it.

    Any comments / suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Get a service manual and have at it, otherwise call a service company to
    check it out. May be registration related or numerous other things with your
    RCA. In Depth Diagnostics would assist us in determining which way to point
    you. That Is, actual voltage measurements, etc while experiencing the
    problems. Clicking noise with whine indicates possible flash over or arc
    since it is accompanied with the overload whine from the power supply.
  3. Guest

    There is a slight chance you may be in luck. If you, like most people
    are a bit off on the age of their electronics, it might be a PTK195
    based set.

    Those sets had a known issue with the PS for the convergence and have
    put out an updated PS.

    Now usually forget about TV repair unless your a pro. I don't care if
    you do MRO or even installation of robotics, or work on aircraft, this
    is a different animal. My uncle was a tech specialist at IBM and I was
    the TV man. Of course he would take a crack at it, but in later days I
    would get the call. Ironic, he fixed our first color TV back in the
    tube days and it wasn't a tube ! You need specific knowledge for this
    newer stuff.

    So forget component level, for that you need a pro, but there are two
    quick things you might be able to do. If it is a PTK195 you can most
    likely install the updated power supply board. If you can solder and
    know safety (like discharging caps) you can update the PS chip from an
    STK730-??? to an STK730-180 (IIRC). I found that simply replacing the
    chip with an equivalent fails most of the time. The 180s seem to hold

    When it's something like this a little DIY can help. I don't want your
    set sitting in the shop waiting to get scratched or something waiting
    for parts.

    If you're not a tech I suggest you call a shop, but you can save a few
    bucks if this is a 195 based set, you can pull the box, which includes
    all the CRTs and everything. A competent shop can tell if the problem
    is fixed, and will most likely insist on reinstalling it themselves so
    they can check convergence and geometry, as well as magnetic centering,
    which if off too far can cause the exact problem you have. Also, if you
    pull the box yourself, remember to disconnect the cables to the
    speakers and keyboard, otherwise you might wreck them. You do not need
    to remove the keyboard or speakers, that is unless you rip the wires
    out of them when you slide the box out, then you might have to replace

    It's not hard to see how to do it once the back is off. I'd call around
    first if you go this route, and get another person. You can carry the
    box alone but you can't get through doorways etc., the handles are on
    the sides and it is too wide.

    Last but not least, save that set if the picture is still good, and
    when it finally dies DO NOT buy another RCA ! They changed everything
    and are no longer sevicable this way.

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