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RCA P61310/ DVT307

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I have a RCA P61310/ DVT307 that had some of the common issues. While
    changing out the brown caps I noticed that resistor r14140 is not
    looking so great and can not make out the bands. I would like to
    replace this resistor if anyone has a schematic or is working on one
    of these sets please let me know what the value of this resistor is.
  2. AJ

    AJ Guest

    These particular sets are quite intricate in their design, suggest having it
    serviced professionally by a facility that has done a lot of them. Even with
    the complete service manual and training guides from Thomson you would be
    hard pressed to repair this dog.
  3. Guest

    AJ is right. There are alot of bugs in those sets. Sometimes they blow
    shit out or shutdown when changing fro 2.14H to 2H. There is alot more
    going on too, why do they reset to the year 1970 when they shutdown ?

    Very buggy very pain in the ass. I'll try to get you the value
    tomorrow at work. If you got it running fine. I mean a running DTV307
    is a rare thing. I am not kidding. I'll even get you the part number
    for the original part from RCA.

    But once you are happy with it, I suggest you get it out of your
    sights. Those things are bad news, and always have been. The way they
    treat it almost seems as if their engineers are insulted that any of
    us can get any of them running. I really think this chassis was
    designed to scare technicians out of the business.

    If it runs, ship it and get your money, if it runs you got some paint
    on resistors that has seen some heat, that's all. I would suggest you
    start the reassembly now and forget about the discolored resistor, if
    it runs.

    If it doesn't run, whoa be unto thee for thy are accursed for sure.
    Repent now. (LOL)

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