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RCA P52813BL Convergence Problems

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by M. Moody, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. M. Moody

    M. Moody Guest

    i am so newb it's not even funny, but I would liek to try and save money
    (that rhymes) anyway. the screen is TOO GREEN, even when i adjust the front
    R.G.B. (Chassis #PTK195AB). Also the screen is a little bowed. I have
    figured out the sasy part (how to get to the service menu), however the hard
    part for me is knowing exactly what to put n. (i thoguth i read change V to
    76 and then P7 is horizotal and vetical adjustments?) that was a for
    anoyther rca model tv though, i am not sure if the services are the same for
    all models or not, that is why i am here, desperate. PLEASE HELP ME with
    this problem. some srt of codes or just strasight up telling me how to do it
    would be great. also, what exactly do i push after i have set the v76 ad p7
    or whatever (i have not even tried this nor will i until i get some
    knowledge) thanks guys!!!
  2. kip

    kip Guest

    First keep out the service menu,s....
    Call a Technician and have it serviced.

    Why you say ???

    Because you don't know what ya doing.
  3. Papa_J

    Papa_J Guest

    Agreed! if you totally fubard the set and then ask a tech to repair it there
    are a couple of things that will ensue. First the tech will tell you the
    prospective repair cost, then snidely laugh at you asking why you attempted
    playing with the service man only menu.
  4. Ohmster

    Ohmster Guest

    Dude, if repairing large screen projection televisions were that easy,
    just put a magic number into some secret, hidden service menu, then all
    of us would be out of a job. Word would quickly spread over the Internet
    and we would all end up being Wallmart greeters.

    The thing is broken. It needs parts and experienced personell to service

    "adjust the front R.G.B" What does that mean? That you played with the G2
    screen drive control? Like maybe you have a bad picture tube, bad CRT
    socket or associated drive components? "little bowed" Defection circuit
    problem like pincusion perhaps? Need parts.

    You wanna fix TV sets? Fine. Take an electronics course, study hard, gain
    experience in the field, and then guess what, you can fix your own TV
    set! Otherwise give it up. Do what you do best like your job, make some
    money, pay a professional to get the job done, and be done with it. Life
    goes on.

    I learned that lesson by trying to find a CD key for the online game
    Quake. I spend almost 40 hours online, looking for cracks, serial
    numbers, CD key generators, etc. and then realized that had I just gone
    to work for the 40 hours, I could not only have bought the darned game
    but would havd had many, many hundreds of dollars left over to buy other
    nice things. It just ain't worth it.

    Not trying to be mean or anything but you yourself admit that you know
    nothing at all about electronics and repairs so what is the point? You
    risk hurting yourself and badly damaging the television that you are
    trying to "fix". Most of us here share trade tips like "I got a Mitsubisi
    CS-2020X television with thin, white, horizontal lines at the top of the
    picture and vertical foldover. Anyone seen this before?" "Sure, you got a
    bad pump up capacitor over in the vertical output circuit. Check and
    replace the surrounding electrolytic capacitors around the vertical IC."
    Does all of the make sense to you? Could you take that advice and then
    repair the Mitsubishi television? If not then let it go. Enjoy life and
    get someone to fix your television for you. Cheers.
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