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RCA Hotel T.V. questions.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dani, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Dani

    Dani Guest

    RCA Model # J27F635, Chassis # ITC008FC1 with on command hook up.
    Can you buy the extra parts like the ethernet card, to make a similar
    "Hotel ready"? Or is the EEPROM, & micro setup different? Customer is
    having a lot of trouble with the on command system, & getting the
    by his supplier. He has no spare units, & these T.V.'s are making his
    Hotel look bad. Dani.
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Priority items, it would not be practical to attempt modifying sets to meet
    the required specification. Manuals available to ASC to repair the items
    probably will not show how to properly interface.
    Probably be wise to check out his broker to see if another brand would
  3. Guest

    Hey Dani,

    What kind of problems is the hotel having?

    Maby I can help....

    Bevis315 <---------- OnCommand Field Service, San Jose (former ....left
    06/02/06 )
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