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RCA F27351WN CTC177BE Has no color. Black and white picture only

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Radford, Nov 23, 2004.

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  1. Radford

    Radford Guest

    The display will only show in Black and White. No color! The user said that
    the unit would not turn on but when we got the unit it did turn on. The
    only schematic that we have is for the CTC176 which came from the
    Electronic Servicing & Technology magazine. (PROFAX 3108 CTC176) Do not
    know how close the schematic is with this unit. We check the Color kill
    pin on the T-chip and is was at 3.6V. We do not want to invest in the
    repair manual because this is the only unit that the University has. Have
    not check yet for the 3.58 MHz reference osc. Any thoughts on what could
    cause this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I think the schematic will be pretty close overall, but who knows if
    it is close with the circuitry in question. Did you check the
    crystal's solder connections? What about the capacitor in the crystal
    circuit? Freeze the T-Chip? Do you have a crystal tester, or one to
    swap in?

  3. RonKZ650

    RonKZ650 Guest

    176 and 177 circuits are identical. Have you tried an eprom IC? If not that,
    then LA7610 is bad.
  4. ezwizzard

    ezwizzard Guest

    check for open inductor in the burst keyer circuit.
  5. Radford

    Radford Guest

    I looked at the 3.58 MHz crystal which did not have a signal on it. The
    voltage seemed fine at 3.6V Forgot to mention that the display seemed to
    be washed out. Not a good Black and white image. Had the user bring me the
    remote to the set and access the menu. There was color in the menu! At
    this time I hit reset in the menu and now the set has color. The picture
    is fine!!! I am at a total lose as to what happen to this set to cause
    this kind of problem. The user said that the set made a POP sound when he
    turn it on and would not turn on after that. Let me thank everybody for
    there help and suggestion. Has anybody seen this type of problem resolve
    by resetting the settings?
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