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RCA DLP Info wanted.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Skype_man, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. Skype_man

    Skype_man Guest

    Lets try this again!

    Bad question, I know. Does RCA have a DLP problem?

    Just got two 50" units in.....not 50 units!!

    Only out by one number in their serial number. Example:

    1234567AB, & 1234567AC. One dead right out of the
    box, the other dead, after not much use. They were made
    in Feb 2005. Called Tech support, we are ASC. One guy
    said: Light engine bad, which is about $ 1,800 can, another
    Tech said: Lamp bad, about $ 250 can. What's a Tech to
    do? I haven't even seen a partially working unit yet, to know
    what it sounds like when starting up, & running. How can you
    test a DLP lamp? There expensive, & you can't measure them,
    to be sure? Can you set up a test jig, to test the lamps?
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Drop the quid for the lamp, at least you will have one as an test item.
    Follow the diagnostic procedure in Thomson's service literature to diagnose
    if it is the ballast, lamp, controller, or light engine.
    Lamps and ballast assembies need to be closely matched with appropiate
    controller circuitry to power them in a "test" jig situation, inclusive are
    the safety conserns regarding the HV,Etc being generated..
  3. Jason D.

    Jason D. Guest

    Take the training materials that comes with the service CDs or on
    their site for that chassis. It does have troubleshooting sections on
    their techanical section.

    And obsverate the TV to see what it is doing. Like trying to spark
    lamp? DLP TV *will* flash the LEDs error lights too. Etc etc. The
    lamp is HID and does produce strong UV, so don't operate lamp out of
    it's chassis and lamp needs beezey air to keep lamp cool. The
    training part will tell how to do the checks/diagnoses safely.

    Cheers, Wizard
  4. Guest

    Assuming the training manual troubleshooting gets you nowhere and you
    have tech support go through some additional help then:

    Since they are warranty, order a lamp, ballast, and light engine and
    charge them for it. If you need to get Thomson FSE authorization to
    get the parts ordered then do it. If they won't do it that way, have
    them replace the darn things.
  5. kip

    kip Guest

    You are ASC...!!!!!!!!.
    You best start reading Thomson,s Trouble Shooting Guide.
    Have fun..

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