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RCA CTC177 chassis

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by rockitroll, Nov 5, 2004.

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  1. rockitroll

    rockitroll Guest

    unit works fine until warm then screen gets too bright with retrace lines
    .... can turn down screen voltage all the way but when its cold then its too
    dark tips say c5002 , and c5004 on crt board .... tuner grounds
    have been done before , still holding ... any help would be awesome , thanks
  2. rockitroll

    rockitroll Guest

    got it , the q5004 video buffer transistor on the crt board was leaking ...
    caps were fine per esr meter

  3. Jim Lazzaro

    Jim Lazzaro Guest

    It is probably a faulty diode or transistor; your best thing to try is
    when the unit is warm just freeze spray small sections on the board
    and you should be able to see the change you mentioned. Narrow your
    search with the spraying and you should be able to pinpoint the
    culprit. good luck.
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