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RCA ATC311 Chassis HD-RPTV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Art, Jun 25, 2004.

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  1. Art

    Art Guest

    FYI: had a unit today that I made a house call on to check on a "displayed
    message" per the customer complaint.
    Symptom: Message was "The merlindm2.exe has preformed an illegal procedure
    and will shut down". First thing I did was to check the RCA data banks via
    the internet which of course indicated absolutely nothing even faintly
    resembling the message, then I called Thompson Technicial Service. <
    problem with our product" probably the cable company was pinging the user's
    modem or some other source may have been doing the same thing causing the
    loss of the internet connection and therefore the shutdown of merlindm2.exe.
    IMHO: I have a feeling that we may be seeing more of this type of service
    calls since the convergence of the pc/tele is advancing at a fairly steady
    rate. Too bad the operations manual did not include this error message and
    the appropiate customer functions to remedy it.
    Clue is "Merlin" &"DM2" indicative of where it originated, but not the
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