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rca 31" tv

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by whence, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. whence

    whence Guest

    It's about 10 yrs old, and I know its time is up.

    But a few years ago I coated the flyback xformer with gasket maker and
    had it working since, and since i'm a cheap mofo, maybe it can last a
    little longer with your help.

    Yesterday the picture suddenly got somewhat 'zoomed in'. There is also
    a slight pincushion effect. The amount of zoom might be about 1.5x,
    enough to be annoying.

    Any idea where I should look?

  2. kip

    kip Guest

    Yes change the Blue or Grey box caps in and around the HOT.
    That's if its got them as you have not given Model or Chassis Number
    so we are guessing.

  3. whence

    whence Guest

    Oops sorry,

    model: F31226ES
    chassis: CTC169AU

    how many caps are we talkin about? And by 'around the hot' are you
    talkin about the real dangerous ones (if not properly discharged)
    around where the cord connects?
  4. Art

    Art Guest

    Also the PCC Diode, you will notice the small rectangular blue or grey caps
    will appear slightly bulging at the sides. Change any of them that appear
    swelled out a bit. Replace with exact values.
  5. kip

    kip Guest

    HOT Horizontal Output Transistor .
    Maybe 3 ,but first you will most probably have to rebuild the SMPS.

  6. tom hunt

    tom hunt Guest

    If you don't know what the HOT is then you have no business messing
    around inside your TV.
  7. tvguy

    tvguy Guest

    HOT Horizontal Output Transistor
    You don`t make sence. Why would he need to rebuild the smps ? All h
    most likely need to do is replace the blue caps and the diode nea
    the Horizontal output like the other fellows was talking about.
    Thats if the flyback is good. He said he put sometype of goop on i
    at one point in time and what was the reason for doing so ? Thi
    flyback could also be his problem. So please let us know why was th
    reason for coatinng the flyback
  8. Makes perfect sense if you service the 169 chassis regularly. Anyone who
    does should know to test the caps on the regulator controller and the
    coupling cap to the chopper, as well as about a dozen other caps throughout
    the set. They are common enough failures that someone who does not have the
    right equipment to test them should just replace them if it has never been
    done before.

    Depending on the version, one should also inspect carefully for the
    "chocolate drop" problem, check the caps in the audio amp, check caps in the
    PIP module, and check for CRT coolant leakage and coolant contamination.

  9. kip

    kip Guest

    well its pretty obvious that you have not repaired many 169,s.

  10. tvguy

    tvguy Guest

    I have been doing electronics for the last 30 years. I have not seen
    where the smps had caused his type of problem Unless there wa
    something I have missed reading in his post. I still would say w
    need to know what was wrong with this flyback first before we star
    saying other things worng with his set. We need to know why he ha
    put goop on it. This maybe his only cause of his problem at thi
  11. whence

    whence Guest

    Thanks for your helpful responses folks.

    The reason I coated the flyback: I started to hear some clicking,
    smelled some ozone at the back of the set. Then one day a loud pop and
    the set turned off and keeping it on was difficult for any length of
    time. I guessed that the flyback was discharging by arcing to
    something and read (online) that if you coat it with automotive gasket
    maker and let it setup, it should stop the arcing, which it did.

    So as for discharging dangerous caps, do I need to just short them
    with a 1MW resistor? Where is the HOT located?

    Just some info should I decide to accept this mission.

    Thanks again.
  12. It may have nothing to do with his problem, but any tech who works on the
    ctc169 chassis should know that these caps are a problem waiting to happen
    and if they test high in ESR should be changed. It would be poor service
    not to give the set a thorough evaluation before suggesting a fix. If he
    does not have the equipment to test them, he should at least change the two
    caps on the smps controller IC, which are the source of more failures on
    these sets than any other.

    Some shops don't look for potential problems waiting to happen. We feel
    that a complete estimate includes checking the stuff that tend to cause
    other problems.

  13. tvguy

    tvguy Guest

    I may agree with you but this guy is doing his own home repair
    Everyone is telling this guy that don`t even know what a horizonta
    output is or even knows where it`s located at to go ahead and chang
    caps in the smp`s. All you guys are doing by telling him these thing
    is going to make his set even more worse than it is. It is much easie
    for him without making other damage to his set is to just change thes
    couple little parts by the HOT and that should cure his problem. Onc
    he starts in the powersupply and makes a mistake it will be hard t
    trck down what had happened. So I would suggest if you all want hi
    to start working on the smp`s is to take the set in to his neares
    repairshop and have them fix it before the set ends up bein

    We all know how much of a pain that these 169 chassis are to fix. S
    I would suggest this guy to take this set to the repairshop to hav
    it done before he finds he`s got himself into more problems b
    listening to all you guys telling him to work somewheres that coul
    cause him more problems and end up costing him more money in the lon
    It may have nothing to do with his problem, but any tech who works o
  14. kip

    kip Guest

    CTC169 A Pain to fix.!!!!..I dont think so.
    You have to know what your doing.

  15. Ken G.

    Ken G. Guest

    HOT is located near the flyback . Its a nickle sized black square of
    sorts mounted standing up against a metal bracket or heat sink it has 3
    wires sticking out the bottom .

    Good luck fixing it . I hope you find the capacitors . They may have
    location numbers on the board under the part for someone to list to make
    your work easier .
  16. Jason D.

    Jason D. Guest

    Guys, I love xxx169 chassis for CRT & projector, real money maker and
    reliable to repair.

    Yes, replace all 4 caps in power supply, pincushion (bowed picture)
    problem tend to be two parts (C4402 box cap & CR4402 diode marked on
    circuit board as C402 & CR402, don't forget the tiny ferrite bead when
    putting new diode back in), if small transistor off the pincushion
    coil is bad, replace it as well (2N2222 works as a sub).

    I know about those melted chocolate (used to be a rubber feet domes).
    Eeeewww! Tercious stuff to clean. :)

    Cheers, Wizard
  17. tvguy

    tvguy Guest

    Then your one of the lucky ones
  18. kip

    kip Guest

    Yep Wizard Money Makers for sure...He ! He ! I like em

  19. John-Del

    John-Del Guest

    The 169's smps will cause overvoltage to the HV\Sweep circuits, and any
    quality repair must include addressing these problems. Good
    technicians know this. Most of the people who responded to the OP are
    professionals. Either fix it right, or don't fix it.

    The 169??? No harder to repair than any other premium chassis. This is
    an excellent design that runs perfectly when properly repaired. We
    still sell these used (both DV and PTV) and they all get a full 1 year
    warranty. They never come back.

  20. I think they are generally easy to fix if you cover all the common stuff.
    Sure, you get a dog every now and then, but in what sets do you not? Easy
    fixes, mostly, and tons of tips in several places online and in the various

    If you think these are tough to fix you have not learned much in your thirty

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