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RCA 100 PFR repair help - no video

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jay, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. jay

    jay Guest

    Hi all,

    I had a RCA PFR 100 projection tv handed to me.

    All three CRT's power up but then the Blue and green shut down and no
    video can be seen even on the red crt.

    When switched to "Aux" video input, without a signal I get all three
    CRT's to power up but the moment I feed it a video signal the Blue and
    green CRT's shut down.

    Anyone have any suggestions or a schematic for this TV?

  2. jay

    jay Guest

  3. jay

    jay Guest

    I did some more poking around, and looks like I see the retrace from
    the Red CRT and ocassionally the blue and green, but very blurry,
    anyone have any ideas?

  4. kip

    kip Guest

  5. jay

    jay Guest

    I did, they don't have this schematic
  6. Guest

    What chassis is in the beast?
    It is way too old for our information, so need chassis to help.

    CTC132 variant?

  7. jay

    jay Guest

    I am looking at the chassis it says VP1 on it. Sam's photofacts seems
    to carry this so I will check with my local library maybe they can find
    me a copy.

    I played around a bit more with the TV, The main problem seems to be
    the Red CRT tube staying on all the time, I can see the retracelines
    from the Red CRT so maybe I need to focus on that. I can make out faint
    outlines on the projection screen if I increase the intensity of the
    blue and red crt's but the red still drowns out the other colors. Maybe
    the shutdown of the Blue and Green is a side effect of the Red staying
    constantly on.

  8. jay

    jay Guest

    Well no luck at the local libraries, based on some more reading I am
    doing sounds like I have a red oversaturation problem?
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