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Raymarine Wireless Controller Base Station

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Dancingspiri9, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Reading the instructions for the installation of Raymarine wireless base
    station, the location seems a difficult choice. It states that the device
    must be dry, vertical and no closer than one meter from anything magnetic
    (compass, speakers, etc.) Has anyone had one successfully installed with
    less than complete compliance with all that?

    The alternative is to use a seatalk cable in excess of six feet. Does
    anyone know if there is a limit on the cable length?

  2. Bill Kearney

    Bill Kearney Guest

    Reading the instructions for the installation of Raymarine wireless base
    On our 34' boat the autopilot computer is installed on the port side, beside
    the stairs. The seatalk cable runs down from the helm, back to the engine
    compartment inside the starboard gunwale, across the engine compartment and
    all the way back up the port gunwale to the computer. Distance isn't a
    terribly big issue apparently.

    Of course, it managed to fail and spew corrupted seatalk packets onto the
    network. So I spliced the seatalk cable at the computer, taking it out of
    the loop. This doubled the length of the cable and the other seatalk
    devices (gps, nmea bridge) still work fine.

    What sort of boat are you installing this into? And where are your other

    -Bill Kearney
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