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Raymarine 54 DSC VHF radio

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Peter Bennett, Feb 27, 2005.

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  1. I'm considering buying a Raymarine 54 Class D DSC VHF radio, and
    wonder if anyone here has any experience with this (or other)
    Raymarine VHFs. The advertised price for this radio seems
    exceptionally low for a Class D radio - it is cheaper than many SC-101


    Peter Bennett, VE7CEI
    peterbb4 (at)
    new newsgroup users info :
    GPS and NMEA info:
    Vancouver Power Squadron:

  2. Raymarine makes a range of VHFs, from very good commercial quality
    (with prices to match) to their consumer range. I think Raymarine
    often has a bit of trouble making things truly waterproof so don't
    mount in the cockpit. I have one of their plain cheap VHF's and find
    it pretty decent (loud volume when I want it; good reception of lots
    of weather stations). Probably better than my last off brand West
    Marine one.

    Evan Gatehouse
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