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Rational Question: Analog Electronic Chip

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Radium, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Radium

    Radium Guest


    Please forgive my past messages. Currently I have a sensible question.
    Just out of curiosity.

    Is there such thing as an analog chip that consists only of analog

    A purely analog device that stores information in an analog electric

    I also like to know how *analog* electronic chips store information.
    Digital chips store on/off signals [1 = higher voltage or current
    while 0 = lower voltage or current].

    Where can I find technical information on these analog electronic

    The stuff below is *not* purely-analog or digital. It uses sampling
    but without quantization so it sort of halfway between analog and

    What I am talking about is a storage device consisting of a purely-
    analog electronic chip that does not use sampling or quantization.
    Just analog signals similar to the telephone audio used in the 1980s.

    Could such a chip be used to store audio that fits the dynamic range
    and frequency response of the human auditory system?

    Once again, I have no application in this question. Digital technology
    obviously has a potential to provide better quality than analog
    technology. So I am asking my question simply because I am just in it
    for the science.

    Any assistance, understanding, and cooperation on this matter -- along
    with forgiveness for my past messages -- are greatly appreciated.


  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Look up "op amp".

    There is no such thing. (other than, possibly, some esoteric
    experimental lab devices.)

    With a capacitor.

    Maybe you should give your local public library a visit.

    Good Luck!
  3. Radium

    Radium Guest

    If there can be a digital storage chip, why can't there be the analog
  4. How about an analog sample-and-hold circuit? That stores data in the form
    of an analog voltage. I don't know if any are still being manufactured,
    since the shift to digitize-and-hold.
  5. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    Bucket brigade analog shift register, storing and
    transporting kilosamples of analog data.
  6. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    "Analog" and "digital," strictly speaking, refer only to means
    of encoding information. Circuits themselves are neither
    analog or digital, although those terms are very commonly
    used to refer to classes of circuitry or designs which are
    optimized for dealing with information encoded in one of these
    two forms. For example, what we commonly call "digital"
    electronics are simply those in which the active devices are,
    in normal operation, operating either in saturation or cut-off.
    Although there's been exceptions to that, too - take a look
    at the old "ECL" form of logic chips.
    To the extent that information is stored in analog form (for
    instance, in the storage capacitor of each sub-pixel of an
    active matrix display), it's "stored" as a voltage or current.
    "Sampled" does not necessarily imply "digital."

    Bob M.
  7. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Maybe but that device posted in the link does seem to use PAM [Pulse
    Amplitude Modulation] which is neither digital nor analog but
    something in between. A true analog electronic chip-based storage
    device would simply store an electrical equivalent of the signal --
    i.e. the electrical waveforms generated by the attched microphone as
    it picks up sound. A louder sound would result in a greater difference
    in voltages than a softer sound, and a higher-pitched sound would
    result in a more rapidly-alternating electric current than a lower-
    pitched sound.
  8. contrex

    contrex Guest

    Wow, Radium, you sure have some basic reading to do!

    Where is it gonna "store" this "equivalent"? on a little reel of tape?
  9. contrex

    contrex Guest

    Eh, troll boy?
  10. The Chipcorder MLS (multi Level Storage) voice recording chips use a
    form of analog storage I believe.

  11. Radium

    Radium Guest

    In a chip that contains capacitors to store the electric charges of
    the AC current generated by the microphone when exposed to sound.
  12. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  13. Radium

    Radium Guest

    True. However, one set of capacitors can store a forward DC, while
    another set can store DC in reverse. So during "playback" the end
    result will be an AC current.
  14. Oops, didn't follow that link in your original post, same thing.

  15. Lionel

    Lionel Guest

    In all fairness to our pet net-kook, ths is one time when he has, (at
    least in IMHO), a reasonable point. PAM & PWM do, arguably, straddle
    the digital & analog domains. (That said, I won't be surprised if he
    takes this tiny bit of support as an endorsement for his other,
    totally whacky beliefs...)
  16. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Why do you think there is something "in between" analog
    and digital encoding? What, exactly, would that mean?

    Bob M.
  17. contrex

    contrex Guest

    How are you going to arrange this "playback"? How will you arrange for
    it to happen more than once?
  18. contrex

    contrex Guest

    They are not, in my opinion, "beliefs". They are convenient tools with
    which he manipulates newsgroups. Radium is a classic troll, nothing
    more, nothing less. He does what he does for amusement. The longer he
    can spin this out, the more his infantile crippled ego will be
    gratified. If you view this group in Google Groups, click on "view
    profile" at the top of one of his posts, and see what other posts he
    has made recently. In particular, the "contribution" he made recently
    in, where he started a thread entitled "Mozilla is
    better than Firefox. Hail to Mozilla!". The post he made consisted of
    "Firefox is so creepy, frightening, disgusting, terrifying,
    irritating, and annoying." followed by this line -

    Mozilla is better than Firefox!

    - repeated 288 times with blank lines in between.

    When the amount of attention he was getting began to flag, he posted
    this little gem:

    "I still maintain:

    Mozilla = the fresh, bright, warm, rejuvenating, refreshing aroma of
    sour red-&-green peaches

    Firefox = stinky thick stinky foamy human diarrhea kakaa foam of a
    human who eats stale cheddar cheese and sticky milk chocolate and
    rotten lentils

    Firefox stinks like stinky thick stinky foamy human diarrhea kakaa
    foam of a human who eats stale cheddar cheese and sticky milk
    chocolate and rotten lentils"

    He has posted the rather revealing "kakaa foam" effort in other places

    He managed to reel in enough suckers to create a thread 29 posts long!

    He reminds me very much of an infant who thinks himself very clever
    for having retrieved some feces from his diaper and smeared it all
    over his nursery, and it is for that reason that I suspect that he has
    fairly pronuunced mental health and/or developmental issues.
  19. contrex

    contrex Guest

  20. Radium

    Radium Guest

    In a similar way in which audio can be played back from a digital
    chip. Excepts its all analog and with no need for a carrier signal.
    The capacitors can store the audio permanenetly as long as new audio
    is not recorded over it. This is like a purely-analog RAM chip with
    only the modulation signal. No bits or samples. Just the electrical-
    equivalent of the sound waves that enter the attached microphone.
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