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rail gun question

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by sean, Sep 13, 2003.

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  1. sean

    sean Guest

    Hi, I'm attempting to build a rail gun. I have 3 capacitors, each are
    150VDC 4mF. My question is, should I connect them in series or
    parallel? I might be able to build an AC to DC transformer that
    triples voltage. Thanks.
  2. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Hi, I'm attempting to build a rail gun. I have 3 capacitors, each are
    150VDC 4mF. >...should I connect them in series or parallel?
    You're going to have to give us a better hint what you're up to.
    An ASCII diagram might help.
    In series you have 450V 1.33uF; in parallel it's 150V 12uF.
  3. sean

    sean Guest

    ok, the thing is I don't know which way would best power a rail gun.
    I saw a website with a 4.2mF 450V capacitor. I'm thinking I'll just
    go with 150V (charge from a wall outlet and diode bridge) and see what
    I can do. Any other ideas are appreciated

    I have a diode bridge, but it goes from ac 120V to dc 110V. Anyone
    know why that is?

    I have an 800uF capacitor (200V) I would like to filter the signal
    with. Is it ok to connect it in parallel to the ac current, or will
    it ruin it to charge it the "wrong" way. If it's ok, I need to make
    sure it takes at least 1/120th of a second to charge, right? Anyone
    know the formula? That way I will be able to tell what size resistor
    I will need. Thanks.
  4. sean

    sean Guest

    ok thanks, I couldn't get it to work as a rail gun, I'm attempting a
    coil gun instead. I have been charging it for about 1-2 mins, could
    the capacitors explode since they are 150v capacitors and peak voltage
    is 170?

  5. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Yes. That's the point.
  6. Andre

    Andre Guest

    The OP should use a proper DC regulated supply to ensure that the
    capacitor voltage never goes above the PV of the capacitors .

  7. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Yes, and everyone should drive a Benz because they're engineered so well.

    Wake up and step into the real world.
  8. David Harper

    David Harper Guest


    A rail gun? Stop me if I'm wrong, but you'll need some more than just
    caps. Specifically, if I'm thinking of the same type of rail gun you
    are, you'll be needing some electromagnets, optical counters/sensors,

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