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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Leon Heller, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    Dear Arie,

    Can you take a picture of that Jones connector on the back of the radio, and
    the approx. size? The connector Nigel sent me isn't suitable - it looks too
    big and the pins are all the same orientation.

    Have you got it working?


  2. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

    A small-town high school football coach befriends an illiterate, developmentally
    disabled man nicknamed "Radio," who has always been the target of jokes and
  3. A great movie. Cuba Gooding Jr's best role to date. It should be shown
    in every school to promote compassion for the developmentally
    challenged. One of the best under appreciated works of all time.
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