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Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by KellyClarksonTV, Oct 31, 2004.

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  1. Do you like to record songs off the radio? Earlier this year I discovered you
    can connect your stereo to your computer's Line-in and record MP3's off the
    radio. Since learning this I have had my computer record 24/7. There's so many
    things recorded I still have lots to sort through! Anyways, as of today I have
    thousands of MP3's I "siphoned" from the radio in this fashion. Has anyone
    tried this? It's the easiest way to steal music!
  2. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    Radio stations pay a hefty licensing fee to broadcast that material. It
    covers whatever use the listeners put it to. If you don't mind the jocks
    talking over the intros and cross-fading songs, not to mention hiss, static
    and interference, plus dynamic range compression, limiting and whatever
    other damage the station decides to inflict on their sound, you're welcome
    to record it. We did it all the time when I was in high school. Of course we
    used tape recorders (computers hadn't been invented yet).
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