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Radio shack sux

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by R.Spinks, Sep 23, 2004.

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  1. R.Spinks

    R.Spinks Guest

    I went to radio shack to pick up some parts and they have like NOTHING now.
    And they wanted over $1.20 for a single 22uF cap (get real!). They are like
    pennies (at least as SMDs). Where is a good place to buy discrete
    components? (like ICs, caps, etc.)
  2. DigiKey

    You can request catalogs online, too
    I think they're prices include shipping?
  3. Online surplus is your friend. Try searching for electronics surplus. My
    favorite in the US is electronics goldmine. Also, there may be local
    surplus places. Here in the SF bay area, there are several good ones
    within an hour drive of my house, not to mention Frys (which also has
    expensive shrink-wrapped stuff at 10x prices)

    Bob Monsen
  4. Oh, the other thing to understand when you are first getting into
    electronics is that chip mfgs will ship ICs and transistors in small
    numbers as 'samples' to almost anybody. This is more of a promotional
    thing for them than anything else. Not all manufacturers will do this
    unless you are really working on something that'll make them money.

    The other thing to realize is that your house is full of junk which has
    this stuff in it. If you go to yard sales, you can pick up old
    non-working VCRs and TVs that have lots of goodies in them, if you are
    willing to desolder them from the boards. The older the better, because
    newer stuff uses surface mount components which are pretty much useless
    for hobby use.

    As a final note, ebay has lots of offers of components in their
    electronics components section. Watch out for the shipping charges.

    Bob Monsen
  5. Rylos

    Rylos Guest

    That pretty much sums it up, but remember that Radioshack embeds the cost of
    shipping/handling and staffing into the price of their components. Online is
    the way to go but you have to buy a fair quantity to make it worth your
    while otherwise you'll be paying more than $1.20 for a single capacitor most
    likely. Jameco is my favorite and you can request first class which is much
    cheaper than UPS which is the standard and you'll probably get it sooner

    The thing that irritates me the most about Radioshack is the relentless push
    of cellular phones and/or sattelite TV. You can go in everyday to the point
    these guys know you and they will still ask you everytime, and everytime I
    say NO.

    Next time they ask you if would like to buy a cell phone make up some techno
    babble BS like the following:

    Salesman: Would like to buy 3 cell phones and sattelite TV today?

    No. But I do need a 950 nanometer, 38 kilohertz infrared detection module.
    I'm going to be pulse code modulating the output using a 32 level quantizer
    and would like your recommendation on an RC time constant for my envelope
    detection device, assuming of course an ideal bandpass reconstruction
    filter. The sampled output has to be greater than the Nyquist rate, and I
    can't afford to lose any spectral content less than three times the total
    transmission bandwidth. The final output is to be used as a reference input
    to a Langrangian robotic arm control system using a closed loop transfer
    function with a feedback path gain signal to noise ratio of 20 decibels, any

    Maybe then they'll leave you alone. Cheers.

  6. Change that to 'Ebay is your friend'.

    SUrplus sucks, too. You get used parts. What more can I say!
  7. OOf! That's a good one. All you'll get is a blank, dazed stare as the
    salesdroid picks his chin up from the floor!

    But I wouldn't waste my time with them. GO somewhere else, where you'll
    get what you need.

  8. Surplus is not used material, it is material which never got used.

    I have bought a lot of surplus over the years and it is usually
    components which were meant to be used in some production but never came
    to be used, so it was sold as surplus instead, often because the
    production company went bankrupt and was liquidated.

    Sometimes surplus is sold by companies which also sell stuff from
    scrapped equipment.
  9. R.Spinks

    R.Spinks Guest

    Heh -- I just asked the guy if he had any Schmitt triggers and he gave me
    the blank stare.
  10. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    They will probably smile and suggest you get out of the house
    more, may try getting a date too! ;-)
  11. Rylos

    Rylos Guest

    I don't think the girlfriend would like that too much, might be fun for me
    though. LOL
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