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Radio reception/office park?

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by [email protected], Aug 24, 2007.

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    Long-winded post ahead:

    The company I work for recently moved into one of those big office
    park complexes in an area filled with commerce, but far from the
    center of town (Atlanta, GA). Reception for my desk radio was already
    spotty some 10 miles further in at our last location, and much more so
    out in the new place. The only stations I listen to are the local
    college radios and the NPR affiliate, none of which have the
    broadcasting power of the McStations that blanket the rest of the

    I took this as my cue to buy what I always wanted, a Tivoli Kloss
    radio. Beautiful sound, but still not getting my stations of choice.
    So I bought one of those amplified booster antennas (the radio has a
    coaxial-style external antenna jack), now reception for 2 of the 3
    stations I like comes in tenuously, and sometimes not at all.

    So is there another alternative to the antenna unit I bought at the
    electronics megastore? I think there's something to the structure of
    the building (sprawling one-story brick-faced, steel-stud interior
    walls) that impedes reception. I'm uninformed enough to try snaking a
    wire onto the acoustical ceiling grid or the metal framing above,
    unless someone here can give me some real advice.

    A coworker can't get proper reception on his satellite radio, either.

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