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Radio problems!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Romkidda, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Romkidda

    Romkidda Guest


    My car radio has stopped working in FM mode (every now and then will
    work for a few seconds), it still works in AM and the CD player works,
    its just FM that gives me the problem. Does anybody have any ideas
    before I go and buy another one. Oh and by the way, the FM seems to
    scan and find the correct channels but just no sound - although I may
    be wrong.

    Any advice on this would be great or a point in the right direction.
    Loose joint or beyond repair?

    Thanks to all in advance.

  2. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Considering you can get a new one for virtually nothing, repair is
    probably not feasible. I'd guess the signal level is too low and
    muting is kicking in. That's just a guess since you didn't bother to
    tell us what brand or model the radio is.

    You may want to test it with a new antenna before trying to repair it.
    Or test the antenna with a 'new' radio. (You can get an old radio at a
    flea market for $10 or less usually.)
  3. GregS

    GregS Guest

    My truck radio cost me $450, plus the $350 disk changer, plus the $55 maintenaince
    manual. Cheap? I forgot how much that part I bought cost me!

  4. me

    me Guest

    off hand it sounds like a bad solder joint or a faulty switch.
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