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Radio Electronics Magazine?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Myron Samila, Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. Myron Samila

    Myron Samila Guest

    Hi all,

    Does Radio Electronics Magazine still get published? I remember seeing them years ago,
    but can't find anything like it here in Toronto (went to all the electronics shops, book
    stores (Chapters, Indigo etc...) Can't seem to find it.

    Any other magazines that are published in North America that have interesting projects?
  2. Bob Stephens

    Bob Stephens Guest

    I think Circuit Cellar is still being published for one.

  3. Radio Electronics "died" about ten years ago. Actually, they renamed
    it to "Electronics Now" at that time, but it was pretty much the same

    But then a few years back, I think the start of 2000, it was merged
    with Gernsback's other publication, "Popular Electronics" (not to
    be confused with the "Popular Electronics" that had morphed to "Computers
    and Electronics" and died in 1984), becoming "Poptronics". But that
    time, it mainly becamse "Popular Electronics" rather than "Electronics
    Now". Don Lancaster's long running column was dropped. It aimed
    at the same market as "Popular Electronics" which I'm not sure I
    cna describe but which was definitely different from "Electronics Now".

    But then at the end of 2002, Gernsback announced that it was going out
    of business, and obviously "Poptronics" would no longer be published.

    So no, "Radio Electronics" is no longer around, under that name or
    as a descendant.

    "Nuts & Volts" magazine is the only hobby
    electronic magazine being published in the US now that I can think of.
    It started out, I gather, pretty much as an advertising forum, but
    has increasingly become about content. Certainly once Poptronics
    was out of the way, they changed their size to the usual magazine
    size, and is full of articles. I've found it at Chapters here
    in Montreal, though not recently at Indigo.

    "Circuit Cellar" might be a contender, but it is mostly computer
    oriented articles, with the exception being backround material related
    to the core material. It's from Steve Ciarcia, who had a long running
    hardware column in Byte. But I'd label it as less of a hobby magazine
    than Electronics Now, with the intent being elsewhere (though maybe
    that's just the computer bias). This shows up at Chapters and Indigo.

    There's a magazine from the UK that shows up in Chapters. I can never
    remember the exact name, something like "Practical Electronics" (I
    can't remember because it's a long time magazine, that merged with
    something else and changed the name accordingly.) It suddenly reappeared
    after Poptronics died, so I suspect they made an effort to get better

    There's also "Electronic World" from the UK, the descendant of the old
    "Wireless World". It's market seems a bit higher than hobbyist, with
    most of the articles on advanced topics and few construction articles.
    It too is available at Chapters and Indigo.

    The only ham magazine being distributed at newsstands nowadays is
    CQ Magazine. Not really much in construction articles and even then
    they'd be radio related. "73" died back in the fall, and "QST" decided
    to do away with newsstand distrubition a while back.

  4. Mike Deblis

    Mike Deblis Guest

    ....various mags...

    Don;t forget Elektor, published in several languages, and IMHO, far more
    interesting that Everyday Practical Electronics (EPE). Far higher level than
    Nuts & Volts & EPE - more like Circuit Cellar, but heavily focussed on
    contruction - lots of novel design ideas and they have professional labs
    that check all designs & do the PCBs...

  5. I did forget when I posted, but a reason for forgetting is that I haven't
    seen an English language copy here in Montreal (and I assume the rest of
    Canada) in years. Though, I have seen the edition from France locally,
    but it seems sporadic.

    When we were seeing Elektor imported from England twenty years or so
    ago, I did buy it regularly, and you're description fit even back then.

  6. Mantric

    Mantric Guest

    EPE has a sister mag at:
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