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Radio Controlled Switch ?? Schematic

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by steve, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. steve

    steve Guest

    I want to make a radio controlled switch to turn off 120 Volt lights.

    I have found things like this transmitter ...

    But it has no receiver ?? Or at least I'm not sure how you are suppose
    to use it.

    My thought is that I would build a simple transmitter, and receiver and
    add to the receiver some circuit that would pick up the signal and
    eventually turn on a relay to turn on the lights. It only has to travel
    about 10 feet.

    Has anyone seen schematics for this, and by the way. I don't want IR
    because the switch is not in line of sight.

  2. Dan Hollands

    Dan Hollands Guest

    You can buy gadgets like this that provide an RF switch to control lamps. I
    use one to have a switch inside that can control the christmas lights on the
    outside of the house.


    Dan Hollands
    1120 S Creek Dr
    Webster NY 14580
  3. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    I used garage door transmittor switches. They use encoder bits,
    so a change unwanted signal is less likely to trigger your
    switch. Also it had 3 separate buttons, so you can use it
    for other things.
    The reciever had 3 nice relays,so you can swith whatever you
    Th encoding was done with 8 tristate swiches,or 512 encoding
  4. steve

    steve Guest

    Yes I have one myself. I just wanted to try to build somthing and learn
    a little.
  5. steve

    steve Guest

    Unfortunetely I don't have any old garage door openers. I was trying to
    find some circuit that I could build that would be relatively simple
  6. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    Try here:

    He has some transmitters, but they are more of a near-field experience. It
    should be fine over 10 feet, if you can get it to work.

    You can also buy matched transmitter-receiver pairs here, that work fairly
    well, and are very easy to interface:

    They are basically the same radios they put in key fobs for autos.

    Bob Monsen

    "False facts are highly injurious to the progress of science, for they
    often endure long; but false views, if supported by some evidence, do
    little harm, for every one takes a salutary pleasure in proving their
    -- Charles Darwin
  7. steve

    steve Guest

    Thanks Bob I will take a look.

  8. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    you can get auxillary receiver modules from manufacturers.
    one that I've used is the one from dominator which provides 4 latching or
    momentary low power relay outputs, but uses proprietary transmitters not
    the gereic ones with code switches.

  9. steve

    steve Guest

    Thanks I will take a look for them.
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