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Radio/Amplifier Fuzzy Sound

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Tony Oasis Environmental Ltd, Aug 23, 2003.

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  1. I have often heard radios sounding fuzzy and distorted and have one which
    does so after several minutes playing.

    At first, it sounds quite good (for a small radio) but will become so
    distorted that after a few minutes is unlistenable. Switching off and on
    does not cure the problem - Unless it is left for a week or so.

    My guess is a capacitor fault but which one(s)?

    Thanks in advance



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  2. Michael Gray

    Michael Gray Guest

    Is it powered by mains or batteries?
  3. Terry

    Terry Guest

    This could just be a troll?
    E.g. an attempt to get free advertising of a commercial
    "Fuzzy" could be any number of things, including a tube heater to
    cathode short, a leaky coupling capacitor, and a half dozen other
    Is it a tube radio, transistor, age, type, model #, weak
    battery/faulty power cube ...... ??????
    Maybe the < > group could help you;
    especially if it is a tube radio. (Or is it an amplifier fed by a
    radio?) It's rather fuzzy what type of unit we are talking about
    But you'd need to provide a great deal more information. Saying
    the radio 'goes fuzzy' after playing for a few minutes is rather
    like saying "My water is undrinkable!"; for which, probably,
    there may be a half dozen reasons (at least)? Or. "My car won't
    start" for which there are dozens of reasons!
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