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R50 compact fluorescent

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Andrew Gabriel, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. Just seen R50 7W (claims 40W equiv) compact fluorescent retrofits
    in IKEA. Bought one and tried it and it seems remarkably effective.
    The lamp is a flood lamp rather than a spot lamp, but there's no
    light spill backwards. Amusingly, the whole case is clear plastic
    so the electronics are visible at the rear, although this area is
    slightly frosted. They also had some candle lamps and golfball
    lamps which are smaller than I've previously seen any retrofit
    compact fluorescents.
  2. 40/7 is 5.71. Typical ratios between CFL and incandescent are 4:1. I
    don't see the lamp on the IKEA site. Can you provide a reference?
  3. Whoops -- just checked again and it's a 25W equivalent, sorry.

    IKEA part number is 400.606.24, although that's a 220-240V lamp
    of course in the Uk. My attempt to search their website produces
    a only a list of javascript errors.
  4. Loren Coe

    Loren Coe Guest

    i worry about the ballast in this environment. the fixture is vented, sure, but
    designed for much higher temps and many spot fixtures would qualify as an enclosed
    fixture wrt to electronic ballasts.

    ....> > 40/7 is 5.71. Typical ratios between CFL and incandescent are 4:1. I
    Phillps has a new, "directional" incandescent bulb, intended to replace small
    spot/flood bulbs. i replaced a 75w standard (not R60) with a 60watt Phillips
    into a really aging spot fixture and it was indeed much brighter. don't have
    the figures but it was 2-3x. of course it was old vs new bulb, too. --Loren
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