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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Bernt-Johan Bergshaven, Feb 18, 2004.

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  1. Hello

    I'm currently working with a student rocket, and inside this rocket we
    want to use a data collector with a telemeric sender. This is a
    commercial product called, R-DAS. (see ). Available for to this r-das is
    several addon modules, including a GPS sender. All theese modules use
    an I2C bus to communicate with the moder board which sends the data to
    the ground. I want to use my own GSP sender and make a board to
    communicate with the moderboard. I'll be using a AVR uC.

    My problem is that the company producing R-DAS won't give me any
    information regarding the protocols used in communication with the
    moder board, nor any adresses on the bus.

    My question to you is if there are anyone out there with such
    information, or if there are anyone with good ideas on how I can
    figure this out by measurment or testing?

    If there are anyone who would like to reply to my mail, rather than
    posting on this group; bernt(remove this) .

    Thank you
    Bernt-Johan Bergshaven
  2. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    Can't help you on the R-DAS but if you get anywhere please let us all know,
    I know there are several other people who would like this info.

    As an alternative have you looked at the OZARK ARTS altimeter?

    It has an interface an RS232 NMEA2.0 GPS interface and a well documented TTL
    serial interface for external modules to receive flight data and events.
    There should telemetry module on the way.

  3. Bullpup

    Bullpup Guest

    There is a RDAS group on Topica. Join the list and search for "Protocol".
    You will find the answer to your question. And yes it was answered by AED.
    Not using the I2C bus but the serial side of the transmitter. Good
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