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Quick pricing question

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Matt Lund, Oct 18, 2003.

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  1. Matt Lund

    Matt Lund Guest

    I just spent most of the day wiring contacts for a friend's house (which is
    framed and soon to be insulated). I'm embarassed to say that it took two of
    us about 6-8 hours to wire 12 windows and 4 doors though realize that the
    contacts are now completely setup.

    I've always wanted to do this type of stuff for a living and I just wondered
    what you guys would have charged for a mini-job like this (let's say
    ignoring the cost of materials).

    On Tuesday I'll be back to wire for alarm keypads, glass break sensors, and
    motion detectors.

  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    A lot of alarm companies low-ball a construction pre-wire so they can "get
    their foot in the door" (at least in the two markets I'm familiar with).
    For the rest, the "standard" rate is about $11.00 per drop on the big houses
    (I've gone as low as $9.00) and about $15.00 a drop for your application...
    If we were supplying contacts, then you'd have a "choice". GRI 3/8"
    stubbies at about $8.00 each or Sentrol 3/8" at about $10.00 each. On your
    house I'd also charge for two boxes of wire ($40.00). The reason it
    probably took you so long is that you're not on site with 10 - 15 boxes of
    wire. The more you can run at the same time (along similar routes), the
    "faster" the job. Don't forget to wire for a siren, and most important a
    power transformer. I like to use 18 AWG stranded (sometimes solid) two
    conductor for this. Run the wire to an adjacent electrical outlet or to an
    octagonal box you can access later (after the dry-wall's up). All prices
    are CDN Dollars. Your job would have taken me about five or six hours to
  3. Matt Lund

    Matt Lund Guest

    Those were some good guesses. The house was a "ramber" (single story plus
    basement) and the main floor was 2000 square feet. All the prewire that we
    did was for the main floor. The homeowner won't want the basement done
    until he gets it framed.

    Thank you both for your estimates. Franks charged prices were way lower
    than Jim's so honestly it was a bit of a relief that Jim's came in higher
    (because if I pursue this occupation as side work I'd want to feel like I'm
    making more than flipping burgers!).

    I'll make a separate post in the next few days about getting advice on the
    right way to get started - if I get into this I'd do it seriously: training,
    certification, licensing, etc.

    If anyone else is willing to share their prices for what they would have
    charged for this job, please go ahead!
  4. Matt Lund

    Matt Lund Guest

    Oops, I meant rambler :)

  5. Rory

    Rory Guest

    Prices down here run normally higher. Depends what is needed.

    First off we have no homes with basements, almost all have attics, and
    almost all homes we do work in have thick concrete. The Majority of
    our buildings are built for hurricanes here and have standards higher
    than the US in that respect.

    If the wire is run on the wall (not drilled through the concrete to
    the attic/basement, then it is cheaper. I dont run wire much anymore
    for jobs like that, I have someone that does all the wiring and they
    charge normally $20 a run, once again a building with an attic. We
    have no buildings here with basements (maybe one or 2 really old
    colonial buildings). Basically it would take a day to do an average
    single storey home.

    If it requires drilling through concrete then it takes longer,
    especially when you run into problems like hitting steel.

    We charge normally labour by a percentage of the parts, which is
    double here from the US. Switches are so cheap the labour is more than
    normal. 40-45% Hard Wired, 30-35% Wireless/Prewired.

    I dont think anyone can really quote a price for installation without
    seeing the job, when it comes to windows, and hard wired. At least not
    here, as there are no standards when it comes to that and almost every
    house and building is different.

  6. Bossman

    Bossman Guest

    It truly depends on where you are. In the Dallas, TX area, a one story
    pre-wire with 12 windows and 4 doors is a small job. We use
    4-conductor on all openings, and normally run wiring for 3 keypads,
    siren, phone line and A/C transformer, plus two or three extras in the
    attic. We always include the contacts in a pre-wire unless the
    customer specifically states they are not planning on trimming the
    system and want the lowest price possible. A small job like that
    (including the contacts) would fetch about $395 around here, with no
    strings attached for a trim etc. With a contract that also includes a
    trim, we might do it for $295.

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