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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by rickman, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. rickman

    rickman Guest

    I am looking for some type of contact to use on a front panel that would
    allow the momentary connection of a pair of discrete wires. I looked at
    the junction blocks used for speaker wire on stereos, but they are a bit
    large. This is on a handheld device.

    It has been a number of years since I used anything like this, but I
    know I have seen this sort of contact. I just can't remember what they
    look like and can't find anything at Digikey or Mouser.

  2. Rocky

    Rocky Guest

    For some ideas have a look at
  3. Rob Gaddi

    Rob Gaddi Guest

    One of the spring-loaded terminal blocks from Phoenix maybe?
  4. rickman

    rickman Guest

  5. rickman

    rickman Guest

    That is not quite what I'm looking for. I know this is a bit hard to
    describe. I'm looking for some sort of spring loaded device that will
    let me connect a wire from a pickup that is not in an instrument. So it
    will have a pair of wires hanging from it. The connection is just
    momentary for a reading. I suppose we could just have a pair of exposed
    pads like nail heads. I thought a spring clip might be better.

  6. Guest

    something like this:

    google for something like "screwless terminal block"

  7. Would one of the 0.75" dual banana jacks be too big? The nice ones
    have a screw binding post that you could use to connect wires to.

    George H
  8. Screwless?

  9. Stef

    Stef Guest

    In comp.arch.embedded,
    A pair of alligator clips mounted to the frontpanel?
  10. rickman

    rickman Guest

    I'm getting an education. I never knew the name for these things
    although I still don't know how to pronounce it. They don't quite do
    the job though. This will be the front panel of a consumer device and
    it will need to look attractive.

    The closest thing I have seen are the spring loaded connectors they use
    for speaker connections on the rear of stereos. They are pretty close
    to what would work, but they are large. This needs something like that
    but smaller.

    Thanks to everyone making suggestions.

  11. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    I think you're looking for a momentary push against a pair of wires or
    something.. These things can be soldered on a PCB and protude to the



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  13. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Those look remarkably similar to these

    "Push Posts" Series 29 from Grayhill

    Another alternative to that

    The common term they use is "Binding Post"

    Paul Carpenter |
    <> PC Services
    <> Timing Diagram Font
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  14. Similar to the above;
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