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Questions on the brain

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by J.Johnson, May 1, 2004.

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  1. J.Johnson

    J.Johnson Guest

    Greetings everyone. I have a few questions on the effects of different
    possible effects to the brain. First of all- What are the side effets,
    both positive or negative, on the brain when exposed to electricity,
    ie: slight impulses send to focussed portion of the brain. Any
    research done on the topic, particularily the seemingly inactive
    portions of the brain, as in the frontal lobe.
    Secondly, what are the effects of herbal and/or medicinal medication
    targeted specifically for the brain? Any cognitive or increased wave
    activity, or noted electrical or blood flow change?
    Lastly, what are the possible, if only theoretical, effects of a
    combination of these 2, in varying degrees. Any noted research done or
    i thank you again friends.
  2. Don Taylor

    Don Taylor Guest

    A recent paper describing effects of low level magnetic fields and
    comparing this to previously used much higher level fields and voltages.
    Am J Psychiatry. 2004 Jan;161(1):93-8. Low-field magnetic stimulation in
    bipolar depression using an MRI-based stimulator.

    Dr. Michael Persinger. Many publications on the effects of low level
    magnetic fields on the brain, many recently in Perceptual and Motor Skills.
    Google can find you some of these. Psyc abstracts is probably where you
    want to go to get a view of the bredth of all the work that he and his
    lab have done.
    Those two sources might get you started on this, they refer to other
    experiments they have done on this area.

    It doesn't look that difficult to try to reproduce the experiments of
    Persinger and others. Fairly cheap arbitrary waveform generators and
    modest magnetic coils, some are using reed relay coils, look feasible
    to build. Most of the data is there in the open literature. It doesn't
    look like anyone is seeing worrysome risks in trying this.
    I'll let someone else address herbs. But the Ecstasy results seem
    like they might be interesting, if you can manage to figure out who
    has an agenda and are certain to find results that will confirm this.

    Decades ago I remember reading the first couple of pages of a book
    on drug research. The author said that again and again, the first
    published research said "you will burst into flames if you take z."
    A couple of years go by and someone publishes "if you take z you will
    feel terrific and find wonderful things." A couple of years later
    "well, you might not burst into flames, but you will certainly catch
    fire given the smallest opportunity." And then "well z isn't as great
    as we thought, but it is still pretty good." And maybe after a dozen
    or more years all this silly political posturing will finally get out
    of the way and some of the facts will finally surface. I only wish
    I could remember the book or the author that wrote this.
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