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questions on sharp tv

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by yhan, May 29, 2007.

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  1. yhan

    yhan Guest

    hi, i was called by my grandmother to repair a 21" sharp tv. The
    problem was there was an intermittent sound. the tv reception and
    picture was fine. I inspected the PCB and resoldered many cold solder
    joints. Turn it on, but the problem was still there. So I prod the
    back and pcb and while gently pressing the back portion, the sound
    come back. Releasing it makes sound disappear again. So turned off the
    TV and examined the PCB. I found out loose solder joint on the jungle
    ic (X2701cen1). Resoldered it but when I turn it again, its always in
    the standby mode (led red). Its not turning on. the relay clicked and
    then clicked back. No high voltage at all. So I look for another
    technician to look for the problem which I made and he said that it
    was the jungle ic which is defective. I pointed out that it was the
    last thing I resoldered before it failed to turn on. Id like to hear
    from your suggestions to check further this set before i buy this ic.
    I think I fried the ic. can you give me some tip in soldering ic.
    I realized i became careless. Because the other technician told me
    that I should have discharged first the capacitor before poking on the
    ic because it was so sensitve. I knew many precautions, but I havent
    practiced it for a year already.sorry


    Ian B.
  2. you got time to type all that shit but you can't take 2 seconds to
    google your problem?
  3. Guest

    You must be seriuosly bored coming here. You dont seem interested in
    the subject at all, have nothing to add, and arent here to learn

    Why dont you ask yourself what you'd really like to do in life, if all
    the practical limits were removed... keep asking and several things
    should crop up, some of which you will be able to do.

    Or you can continue being terminally bored - and bored people are
    terminally boring

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    How is that for boring?
  5. Peale

    Peale Guest

    wrote in
    I, too, replied to the Group Troll, before realizing what they were.
    Just do yourself a favor and plonk them.
  6. I'll plonk you too after I send a abuse notice to
    and contact my attorney.

    Calling somebody a troll is libel.
  7. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    Send one to mine, as well; (still, even after having
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    I dare you....

  8. Guest

    I thought I'd give it the one chance, but like you say... its back to

  9. yhan

    yhan Guest

    You know what? I dont like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want friendly advise, not admonition.
  10. yhan

    yhan Guest

    well, no significant information this time. Anyway, I found a lot of
    similar topic.And mind you, I google whenever I encounter problem in
    my repair jobs or even if I want to search for general things.
  11. Jeroni Paul

    Jeroni Paul Guest

    Look for shorts on your soldering work. Sometimes it is easy to miss
    them because the short can be very thin and almost invisible. Scrap
    slighty between all pins to remove any unwanted solder.

    Other than that, you should get the datasheet for that IC and perform
    the proper tests to determine why the set isn't powering up.
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