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questions about a Pioneer plasma display...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Sommerwerck, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. I'm going to ask Pioneer and my dealer about this, so I don't want this
    thread to get out of hand.

    My new Pioneer plasma now has around 20 hours on it. Two things strike me as

    Though a Kuro, the display is faintly gray when turned on. I was expecting
    something closer to absolute black.

    The faint gray is not uniform. There is a broad lateral "splotch" across the
    center of the screen -- sort of like an irregular galaxy -- that is
    significantly darker. This area is not noticeable in program material
    (except once in a while in star fields), and seems to be getting larger.

    Is this a normal part of the breaking-in process? (These sets are supposed
    "pre-aged" at the factory.) Will the splotch grow to cover the entire screen
    (which would be a good thing, of course).

    Anyone know anything about this? The set is under warranty, so I'm not too
    worried, but...

    PS: I watched the Blu-ray of "2001" last night. It is a major revelation.
    The film never looked even remotely that good in the theater -- and by the
    theater, I mean 70mm Cinerama (Super Panavision) projection. This is a
    Blu-ray demo disk.
  2. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    Try the Blu-ray of "Planet Earth." Prepare to have your jaw drop.
  3. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    Dunno. $55 for 4 discs (530 minutes) is pretty cheap, IMO. Hell, the regular
    DVD is $48.
  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Friend of mine is a Pioneer dealer, and over here, they had a program to
    train engineers from their dealers, to do a 'Super Setup' on their plasmas,
    for which the customer was charged. As far as I could make out, it was the
    standard setting up procedure that would be carried out at the factory
    within production time constraints, but with those constraints removed ie
    the job took around 2 hours I think he told me. Apparently, the results
    rendered the picture even better than 'just out of the factory',which for
    Pioneers, is pretty good anyway, as you have discovered with your new

  5. I spoke to a (seemingly) intelligent guy at Pioneer today, and was told that
    the "black splotch" I saw /was/ normal-- it had appeared on their office
    unit -- and it would gradually disappear after 100 to 150 hours.
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