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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Myauk, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Myauk

    Myauk Guest

    What do service technicians expect from service manuals for DVD Players
    these days??
  2. I will freely admit to being biased because I've been spoiled by
    the excellent service manuals put out by Matsushita (Panasonic and
    Technics names), the 'old' Tektronix, and others.

    With that said, I expect the following from ANY electrical or
    electronic equipment service manual, no matter if it's for consumer
    electronics or high-end industrial test gear.

    --A FULL set of detailed schematics, PC board layouts, and parts
    lists, including cross-references to generic components for any house-
    numbered parts.

    --A WELL-WRITTEN section for 'Theory of Operation,' and at least a
    set of troubleshooting flowcharts if not detailed troubleshooting

    --Readily available at a fair price (as in you don't have to be a
    super-service center for a specific manufacturer to buy the thing). A
    truly high-quality service manual can run anywhere from $35 to $250, and
    it had bloody well better be a literary work of art at the higher price

    Unfortunately, with the current attitudes of "instant
    gratification" and "don't-repair-it-throw-it-out" that are infecting the
    entire electronics industry, I doubt we'll ever see high-quality service
    documentation again outside of military hardware.

    Keep the peace(es).
  3. Myauk

    Myauk Guest

    Thank you for your comments Dr. Anton

    Anybody else??

  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    It depends a lot on the manufacturer. Many modern service manuals for DVD
    players, have little more than a block diagram, and some virtually
    unreadable schematics. Others, such as Sony and even Daewoo, have good
    schematics, layout diagrams, IC internals and pinouts, and use of internal
    diagnostics notes. The days of " theory of operation " notes are long gone,
    except perhaps with the likes of Bose, whose audio equipment manuals still
    contain detailed descriptions of how the circuitry works. From a commercial
    point of view, I tend to find these days that unless a problem on a DVD
    player is a known one, or an obvious 10 minute fix like a power supply cap,
    or a laser that's actually worth changing for its cost, then the things are
    not worth fixing, so what's in the service manual is largely immaterial.

    Can I ask that when you reply to replies, that you don't top post please ?
    It works ok with e-mails where it's one on one, and each of you knows what
    the other is replying to, but not so well on usenet, where a thread needs to
    be followed in a logical order by many individuals. In this case, it's much
    better that the new comments follow the last ones. A reply can always be
    shortened by removing all of the replies above about say 3 up. Thanks.

  5. I expect they'll be cut down to just the simplest fixes in future.

  6. Myauk

    Myauk Guest

    I do not understand what you are saying.

    Can you explain more??
  7. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Excellent Homy, thanks ! That's a perfect description. Does that help you
    Myauk ? It's not that you are doing anything "wrong" by top posting - it's
    just that it's against the common convention, and can make for difficult
    following of a thread. If a thread starts getting unmanageably long, and
    nothing more than say three posts back has got any relevance to what you
    want to comment on, you can just cut them off the top of your reply. If
    anyone really wants to know what was said prior to that, they can always
    move back up the thread, and pick a post, knowing that as they scroll down
    it, the entries to that post will be getting newer. Does that make sense ?

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