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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by NO SPAM, Aug 31, 2004.

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  1. NO SPAM

    NO SPAM Guest

    Years ago, just as PCs were making headway into the market, there were
    magazines with ads where companies bought up used PC boards I suppose from
    computers, but probably other items as well for whatever reason. Anyone do
    this anymore? Any one buy used computer power supplies, disk drives, etc?

    Just curious.

  2. In many places you have to pay to get rid of them. Lead and all that.
    Especially monitors. Whole working recent model computers have some
    resale value and there are companies (and sellers on eBay) who do that
    thing, as well as sell some parts. For example, I bought a replacement
    PII motherboard for (IIRC) $15 US plus shipping for an old computer I
    didn't want to retire quite yet.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  3. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    In an ADM3A terminal, NO SPAM typed:
    Older PC's are useful for low-end applications where a modern PC isn't needed.

    A 200MHz Pentium-I can make a good 'terminal' via Telnet/SSH/VNC [1].

    I have a 300MHz Pentium (very silent) as a MP3 player machine, controlled via

    [1] There's 'Terminal Services' from Windows 2003, but I never used this, and
    therefore I don't know if it works with slower machines as clients.
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