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Question regarding 50Hz power wiring

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by estimator, Feb 10, 2004.

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  1. estimator

    estimator Guest

    I am an electrical estimator and I am quoting a telecom testing/assembly lab
    with 264 outlets of different voltages and frequencies.

    All the outlets are rated 20A.

    222 outlets are standard 120V single phase and 208V single phase.

    In particular my question is regarding 42 outlets that are at 225V single
    phase, 50Hz frequency.

    On my drawings they show a power/frequency converter, it has an input of 30A
    at 600V AC, 3phase 60Hz.

    The output (as shown on the drawings) is 225/390V AC 3phase at 50Hz.

    This item (converter) feeds a panel, and the panel feeds the 42 outlets.
    Each outlet is on it's own 20A circuit breaker.

    My questions is;
    Does the frequecy affect the insulation or size of the wiring?
    Typically a 20A outlet is wired in 12AWG. Does the frequency have any effect
    on the insulation or wire size?

    Any help on this matter is appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Electrical Estimator
  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Simple answer NO. I had a customer that worked on computer drives, big ones
    for main frames. He used 120/60 cycle in his labs for everything. Final test
    was a different situation. We had 120/60, 120/50, 220/60/ and 220/50. He
    wanted 2 cord sets for the different voltages. We used the same receptacle
    for both 50/60 cycles. Kept things simpler and less parts to keep track of.
    When the units were finished the correct cord was attached. I marked the
    120/50 with blue paint or tape. The 220/50 was marked in orange. Only had
    one guy that was color blind so we added printed labels as well. I have
    even installed 400 cycle equipment in a testing lab. It was run in aluminum
    conduit and was isolated from every other electrical system by 3 feet, per
    spec. Wiring was still #12 awg and the panels and breakers were just
    identified differently.
  3. dated Tue, 10 Feb 2004 08:56:17 -0500,
    Yes, the insulation color is different and therefore
    you must buy special 50 Hz wire in Europe.
  4. No. The peak voltage would be the same irespective of the frequency,
    for identical RMS voltages. So whatever is suitable for 60Hz at that
    voltage would also be suitable for 50Hz.
  5. N. Spring

    N. Spring Guest

    I agree with Gilbert. And it's "irrespective".
  6. Kris Saad

    Kris Saad Guest

    Must be, Harry said it was.
  7. MikeE

    MikeE Guest

    You're correct - Harry is right.

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